Embassy English Schools

By UniAdmission / July 11 2019

Embassy English Schools is part of Study Group and is one of the best English language schools in the world. Embassy English has sixteen language institutes across the globe including the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand for those who want to learn English the right way. More English schools are expected to be available in more popular study abroad destinations soon.

The English college provides a wide range of English courses to suit everyone’s needs. The course levels include English for beginner, lower intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced and proficient. There are specialist English classes for all teys and they cover general English, Academic English, Academic skills courses, IELTS practice, TOEFL preparation and much more.

Embassy English Schools Network

Embassy English is a top language school with a presence in popular study abroad destinations throughout the world for those who want to study in Canada, study in USA or study in UK or study in Australia. The English language institutes  offer various semester-based English language programs to support international student English lessons requirements. There are three main semester-length options, the 12-week semester, 24-week semester and 36-week semester. Also, available is the short English courses which range from 4-week, 6-week, 8-week and 10-week general and intensive English courses. Below is a full list of Embassy English schools by city and country:

Embassy English School Boston in Massachusetts, USA.
Embassy English Merrimack in Massachusetts, USA
Embassy English CalPoly San Luis in California, USA.
Embassy English San Diego in California, USA.
Embassy English San Francisco in California, USA.
Embassy English New York City in New York, USA.
Embassy English Toronto in Ontario, Canada.
Embassy English London in England, UK.
Embassy English Brighton in England, UK.
Embassy English Cambridge in England, UK.
Embassy English Hasting in England, UK.
Embassy English Sydney in New South Wales, Australia.
Embassy English Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.
Embassy English Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.
Embassy English Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.
Embassy English Auckland in Auckland, New Zealand.

Embassy English Courses

Embassy English Schools offers an extensive range of English courses to prepare people for general communication, business communication or academic purpose communication and all the English schools are approved by the UK British Council for teaching English courses in the UK. Those English lessons are taught in small class environment to maximize students learning outcome, knowledge gain and active participation during their English class. There are three groups of English language courses are:

Embassy English Courses ► General English ► Academic English ► IELTS practice course ► TOEFL preparation ► English language course ► Business English course ► IELTS preparation course ► Spoken English classes ► English course online ► English course ► English speaking course
Happy female student holding flags at embassy english school

Embassy English Lessons

Academic English: The academic programs offered by Embassy English Schools are explicitly designed to support students intending to take further academic studies. The critical goal is to prepare students for their bachelor or master degree admission by taking IELTS practice lessons. Also, Embassy English prepares students for study group pathway into undergraduate and graduate degree at various US universities.

Language Semesters: The English language semester abroad has two options, the standard plus course, and the intensive English course. Both streams are designed to help students further improve their general English language skills. The language semester abroad has three semesters with three different start dates:

Spring Semester: 22nd January – 11th May • Summer Semester: 21st May – 17th August

Fall Semester: 4th September – 14th December

Intensive English: The Intensive English course is typically taught in small classes to maximize student learning outcome. This intensive course is one of the best academic English courses in the USA taught by a top campus English school. The program is perfect for preparing students for exam courses such as IELTS exam and TOEFL iBT exam.