Top Nursing Degrees at UAB

By UniAdmission / January 2020

The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing has one of the most affordable, nationally ranked nursing programs in the US, covering a wide range of nursing courses. The nursing degrees at UAB include a bachelor degree in nursing, 17 masters in nursing tracks, a one-year accelerated master degree in nursing and two doctoral degrees in nursing. Nursing clinical training is offered at seven Alabama State hospitals in the Birmingham area.

“We have the UAB University Hospital, the only Children’s Hospital in the state and the Veterans Hospital within one block,” says Linda Moneyham, PhD, UAB nursing professor and senior associate dean for academic affairs. “Our resources allow for a truly customized student experience according to their specialty interests.”

Besides simulations, nursing students undertake community health programs where they learn how to develop innovative solutions for various topics ranging from obesity to literacy within the community. This top nursing school takes a global and cultural health approach preparing future nurses to work across varied cultures and disadvantaged communities.

With availability of excellent resources including science rabs, advanced research facilities, extensive library and access to one of the best hospitals in USA, University of Alabama University at Birmingham School of Nursing prides itself on producing world-class nurses.

AUB Nursing School key facts

Ranks 13 Best Nursing Program in the USA, by U.S. News & World Report 2016
Ranks 10 among Public Universities in the US in Research Funding
Has the 3rd Largest Public Hospital in the US
UAB Hospital became only the 12th Hospital in the World to be recognized four-straight times as a Magnet-Designated Organization, a symbol of nursing excellence.

AUB Nursing Degrees

The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing offers the following nursing degrees which are open to all international students through INTO nursing preparatory pre-nursing program is taught over two years at UAB School of Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Your Bachelor of Science degree includes both academic and professional nursing courses that provide a base for clinical competence and informed judgments about health and patient care in a variety of settings. You can earn your degree in only two years after completing the pre-nursing program, which may require the pre-nursing pathway program for international students.

Medical Clinic Experience: In partnership with a local medical clinic, students are able to help licensed medical staff provide primary and urgent care for health concerns that might otherwise go untreated, including diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, for patients ages 14 and older. Also, with seven hospitals in Birmingham, including UAB hospital, you will receive numerous opportunities to gain real world experience that help you learn how to deal with real life situations and prepare you to be a nurse anywhere in the world.

Real-life Simulations: One of the best ways to learn to be a nurse is through simulations. At UAB nursing students practice managing emergency and child labor scenarios. These medical simulations feature patients computerized mannequins with breath, heart and bowel sounds, have pulses and chests that can rise and fall-controlled by a professor via computer.

From the nearby control room, faculty members become the voice of the mannequins to react to the treatments or describe symptoms to the students. Students work together as they would in a real emergency, checking patients’ vital signs, administering medications and treatments, posing questions to patients and discussing the case with one another.

UAB Pre-nursing Program

The pre-nursing program is one of the best if not the best nursing degree program available to international students who want to qualify as a nurse from one of the top universities in USA. This innovative pathway program offered at “INTO UAB college” is designed to develop students’ academic knowledge and nursing skills. But also strengthen student’s academic English language capabilities and study skills, enabling them to progress successfully to one of the University of Alabama at Birmingham’ nursing degrees.

The pre-nursing pathway program provides language, academic, and cultural interaction helping students to succeed at one of the top universities in USA. Successful students are guaranteed progression to the nursing degree through curriculum consisting of credit-earning courses. Students are fully immersed within a university environment with a mix of international and domestic students on the university campus. The nursing courses are taught by highly qualified university faculty and tutors while students are given academic continued support. 

Pre-nursing Program Benefits

Guaranteed placement in to the Bachelor of Nursing degree
The Nursing degree can be completed within four years
Full integration with domestic and international students on the UAB campus
Access to all UAB cultural and athletic events, activities and recreation center
Classrooms and student housing is on UAB’s compact and accessible campus
Highest level of support for student success
Individual supplemental tutoring for all nursing subjects
Highly qualified and experienced university instructors and tutors
Academic advising throughout the program

Prenursing Admission Requirements

Students need to have a good high school diploma and some English language qualification such as IELTS, TOEFL iBT or Password Test. Those who do not hold satisfactory score in any of those English qualifications can take the three-semester pre-nursing program which has more focus on Academic English and Academic skills. See more details on admission requirements in checklist table below.

Nursing Degree Checklist

Students must complete 126 credit-hours to graduate with one of the nursing degrees from Alabama University at Birmingham. There are three nursing foundation programs; One-semester, Two-semester and Three-semester pathway programs as indicated in the checklist table below:

Progression from Pre-nursing to nursing

Students who take all classes throughout the year are in a position to complete all academic requirements to graduate within four years. Following completion of the two-year pre-nursing preparatory pathway program students are guaranteed progression to the highly competitive BSc nursing degree program. The progression is conditional on achieving a GPA of 3.0 overall, 3.2 in nursing courses and submission of a well-written admission essay too.

Progression from Pre-nursing to nursing

Successful students have two options following their graduations, going into employment or continue their postgraduate studies. 90% of nursing graduates receive jobs offers by the time they graduate. Those who choose to continue their nursing studies have the change to progress one of the 17 nationally-ranked nursing specialty tracks for a one-year accelerated master’s in nursing degree.

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