Facilitating the best IELTS practice courses offered at top English schools by qualified tutors specializing in teaching IELTS and academic English to international students.

IELTS practice is paramount for reaching your best possible score. The higher the score you achieve the better chance you have at getting into high ranking universities, medical schools or top colleges.

There is the option of taking the IELTS practice online, which we can also help with, but it is not the same as taking real live IELTS practice classes that are designed specifically for your exam preparation.

Once you’ve set on taking your IELTS exam and feel you need to have additional preparation for it, taking a specialist English course is a good option for your IELTS practice.

This is where MyLearning Consultant can make a difference. Our IELTS registration service is handled by professionally qualified student counselors who understand the value and importance of an approved IELTS.

IELTS Practice Courses

IELTS practice service is the process of finding a convenient, intensive academic English course that it is designed to help you with IELTS preparation so you can pass your exam with high IELTS results.

But it is also about finding an approved IELTS testing center. Finding the right IELTS course to help you get ready for your exam at a trusted testing center is essential to be able to receive an approved IELTS certificate.

Why pay a lot of money for IELTS test registration fees and spend a whole day taking your test only to find out later that it is not the score you need and will not be accepted by international universities.

That would be such a devastating outcome for any international student. The IELTS test details and method is covered in the courses and classes helping you become familiar with the questions, process and raise your confidence.

This is why it is highly recommended that you consider taking the right IELTS practice course that can prepare you well for your IELTS exam.

IELTS Exam Preparation

Whether you wish to take the general version, academic version or the UKVI IELTS, it is important to make time and effort to prepare for your exam and seek the help of a professional educational consultant,

MyLearning Education Consultant is formally appointed as the official agent for the best IELTS exam preparation centers in the world and can help you find the most suitable courses to maximize your IELTS score.

So do not hesitate to contact MyLearning professional team right now, who are happy to hear from you and give you all the support you need for your studying abroad and succeeding in your higher education.

IELTS Test Support

MyLearning Education Consultant Team can help students find suitable IELTS test preparation courses that include classes to to enhance and improve your writing, speaking, listening or reading skills.

In addition, there are proficient English grammar courses to further build the grammatical side of the English language which is essential for achieving a higher IELTS score.

So why take the risk, why stress about your IELTS exam and worry so much when there is a solution? Let us help you do better in your IELTS test, like we’ve helped so many students achieve top scores.

Impartial student counseling by top study abroad experts
UniAdmission Professional Team

Impartial student counseling by top study abroad experts