IELTS registration can present some key challenges to those who need to prepare for and take their IELTS exam, especially if they need their IELTS result and certificate to be issued in time for whatever they need it for.

Whatever the reason behind taking your IELTS exam, be it for applying to university, medical school a community college, employment or immigration, getting a high IELTS score is fundamental.

Almost all the higher education institutions in all the popular study abroad destinations now want international students to set the exam and achieve the minimum score required to receive an unconditional letter of acceptance.

This is why finding the right support is important and that can include registering for a proficient course, do IELTS practice online on regular basis. MyLearning can help you register for any of those supporting programs.


The following are the main options available to students and the priority for IELTS practice and preparation should be focused on Academic IELTS and/or UKVI IELTS.

  • General IELTS for required for non-academic purposes and for professional travel.
  • Academic IELTS required for study abroad, university admission and employment.
  • UKVI IELTS required for admission to UK pre-university preparatory programs.

It is often the case that international students unintentionally take the wrong IELTS type and that is because they get confused in differentiating between the three main types on offer, that is why it is important to consult with professionals like MyLearning Education Consultant.

We know the difference and we guide students correctly. Students who wish to study for bachelor, master or PhD through direct admission will need the academic IELTS, while those who wish to study through a university preparation program will need the UKVI IELTS.

This is because students need to provide UKVI IELTS to receive their CAS letter which is essential for the UK Visa processing. There are many rules into the CAR system and UK student visa process which our visa experts know and will provide the right guidance.

IELTS Registration Options

It is often the case that students take the wrong test type and that is because they get confused about the various types available, from general, academic, British Council, IDP or UKVI which is essential for UK student visa processing.

This is why our IELTS registration service is ideal for international students, as it eliminates the risk of taking the wrong type, right from the start and make it safer by booking the correct test type in approved centers.

The following are the main options available to students and the priority for IELTS practice and preparation should be focused on Academic IELTS and/or UKVI IELTS.

IELTS Courses

In preparation and readiness for your IELTS test, it is highly recommended that you take a good IELTS course at a top school, which has specialist IELTS classes and experienced tutors.

The IELTS courses which we help students to register for is designed to help to significantly improve students listening, writing, reading and speaking skills.

In addition, it has strong English grammar content, which helps pass your IELTS test and achieving a very high score and get the result you need to join university or get that important promotion at work.

IELTS Booking Process

MyLearning is the leading expert in providing quality study abroad services to help local and international students get into most suitable university, college or English school in order to have the best academic qualifications and lifetime career success.

Whether you wish to take a good IELTS course to help you prepare for your IELTS test or need help with your IELTS booking on the date you need, our student counselors will give you the perfect support you need throughout the process.

As experts in the IELTS registration and booking process, in additional to being able to find earlier exam dates for students who need their IELTS results come out fast which can be critical for many students who have deadlines.

We can also find suitable test centers for any type of IELTS in any city or any country in the world. So if you want your test for academic IELTS or IELTS UKVI in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Jeddah, Riyadh, Muscat, Amman, Cairo, London or Manchester, we can help you.

To receive the best possible IELTS booking or preparation course for you, contact UniAdmission Education Consultant team of student counselors right now who will give you the right advice.

Our expert time can help you make the right decisions and take care of the registration process in a professional and timely manner. Alternatively, complete our admission application online right away for faster processing.

Impartial student counseling by top study abroad experts
UniAdmission Professional Team

Impartial student counseling by top study abroad experts