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With the widespread popularity of study abroad programs in the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia or New Zealand, more and more students are anxious to begin their study abroad adventure. UniAdmission is the region’s leading source of higher education information for students, parents and government sponsors. So find out more about UniAdmission and how they can help you get into the university of your dreams.

We are here to handle every aspect of the process for you; from student counseling, admission application, student visa procurement, to student accommodation, we facilitate the decision-making process and walk you through the steps necessary to ensure a smooth and seamless study abroad experience.

UniAdmission was founded in 2004 with the goal of making the study abroad experience as easy and as fulfilling as it could possibly be. We always put student’s best interest first and that has certainly been acknowledged. Receiving accreditation and recognition from the Ministry of Higher Education, KHDA and the British Council, underlines our leadership in education consulting.

Getting into your university of choice can be challenging and will dramatically impact your career choice and your future direction. This makes it one of the most important steps in every student’s life as they decide on where and what to study. UniAdmission can come to the rescue as we have the expertise to get you there fast. Learn more about UniAdmission and how we can help you:

Who we are and why we can help

UniAdmission Education Consultant was founded with the primary goal of making studying abroad easier for international students and local students  by providing martial advice  given by professional student counselors and a proven process that leads to successful admission and student visa approval every time. Here is more about why we can help students succeed:

  • We’re the region’s leading education consultant for study abroad and university admissions in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the UAE
  • We process university admission applications to top universities and use our proven admission process which results in success every-time even in most difficult cases.
  • Our expert education consultants’ approach significantly improves students’ acceptance rate at higher ranking universities including top 20 universities the world.
  • Our student placement success rate is consistently at 100% as we work relentlessly to ensure that every student dealing with us receives university acceptance in speedy manner.
  • Our team of education consultants isn’t your usual student counselors: They include expert education advisers, student visa specialists and dedicated counselors for USA & Canada admission, UK & Ireland admission and Australian & New Zealand. They all work together to get you into the most suitable university for the degree of your choice.
  • You get all the study abroad services and all the support you need from one place, one team that is UniAdmission Education Consultants team. Don’t wait; discover more about UniAdmission Services right now.

How we can help you achieve success

Regardless of what academic qualification or English score you have, here at UniAdmission education consultants, we can help you achieve your goal of getting into the most suitable university for the course you wish to study.

If your goal is to get in high ranking university

We have helped thousands for students get into the best universities in the world including top 10 universities in USA, Canada, UK and Australia. We do that using our proven admission process and unique approach to university admissions that is guaranteed to get you into top universities. Read some of the students’ testimonials here. If this is your key goal, UniAdmission is the right place for you, do not wait, and get in touch with our specialist education consultants to start the process now.

If your goal is to get into a preparatory program

Some students may not have the right academic qualification or GPA required for getting into the University of their Choice and so need some university preparation program. Those pre-university preparatory courses, include international foundation, international diploma, premaster or pre-sessional English. UniAdmission education counselors will show you the way and help you select the best preparation program with guaranteed progression to the university degree of your choice. Most of those preparatory programs are taught at accredited universities in a real university campus environment.

If your goal is to simply improve your English

Whether you need to improve your communication skills for day-today use or you need to achieve certain IELTS score to get into university, we have the right English course for you. UniAdmission has access to the best English courses, taught by top English language schools in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland and Australia. Our English language packages cover classes, tuition, homestay family housing, meals, airport transfers, bills and graduation certificate, all at affordable prices.

What you should do now

Be it a foundation year, bachelor, master, PhD or simply improving your English level is what you’re looking for; UniAdmission education consultants can help you. So if you are serious about studying abroad and keen to receive an offer of acceptance from a top university, you should go ahead and complete our admission application now. Alternatively call us to discover more about UniAdmission now if you need expert advice or support on any studying abroad matters.
Impartial student counseling by top study abroad experts
UniAdmission Professional Team

Impartial student counseling by top study abroad experts