Making university living comfortable, save and convenient

On-campus student accommodation is ideal for those who want to experience and enjoy true university life. It tends to house a melting pot of students from across the globe; here is where you have a chance to exchange ideas, engage in cultural learning whilst being immersed in a truly international experience.

Dorms living environment further helps to develop students’ interpersonal and learning skills and expand their cultural horizon. Not to mention the added advantage of being close to all the university facilities such as libraries, labs and sports venues.

Often referred to as university halls of residence, dormitory, dorm, student housing, or university housing, these venues are normally located in close proximity to university campus and prove highly convenient in terms of daily commute times.

Options include studio apartments, shared or single dorm room which may also feature catering services. The student accommodation is secured, monitored and equipped with free Wi-Fi and access to the university’s online library resources. Some students share accommodation off-campus for further savings.

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Student accommodation on university campus is normally reserved for the full 9-month academic year and requires a deposit payment as well as a signed rental contract in advance for the accommodation booking confirmation.

Students participating in English courses would normally choose homestay living, in a room with native English family close to their English schools, which includes own room, two daily means and bills. In this situation, the rent for the room can be paid through monthly installments.

It is often challenging for students to book their own accommodation because of the limited room availability, unsuitable locations, tight booking deadlines, complicated rental contracts and unclear payment structures. Another big risk is that many students miss the booking deadline and end up with no accommodation at all.

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