Research conducted by the University of Missouri, USA shows that students who receive proper student advice and career counseling are more likely to get into more suitable study program. Proper student guidance makes significant contribution towards students’ success and academic achievement.

Many high school students end up taking the wrong school subjects for the university degree program they intend to take. Some find themselves attending a university that is not suited to their educational goals while others enroll on a study program that doesn’t align with their career aspirations.

Identifying a suitable university requires extensive research and major information gathering. Most students search the net, sifting through hundreds of pages on google search in their endeavor to find the right information.

Too many pages to read through, out-of-date information, lack of neutrality and changing visa and admission requirements make it even harder for students to make the right decisions. Not to mention that students need to focus on their final year revisions and exams instead of spending time looking for information.

Trusted Student Advice

  • Students’ academic achievement is at the heart of UniAdmission mission with the primary goal of driving their success in education and career endeavors. And so our education advisors develop through understanding of students’ key strengths and build on them to help maximize their university placement opportunities and academic success.
  • Here at UniAdmission, we believe in the importance of providing student advice based on personal attention to each individual student and their specific educational goals. This focused approach to student counselling results in placing students’ at the most suitable university for the study program of their choice.
  • UniAdmission’s student counseling process begins with broadening students’ knowledge of the constantly changing world of university education and student visa regulations. This approach makes solid foundation for developing an effective study abroad plan that advocates for the individual student. This informative student counseling approach is guaranteed to lead to success every time.
  • Our trusted, impartial advice and accurate information on all aspects related to the study abroad process, including, university rankings, university selection, campus location, admission requirements, application deadlines, tuition fees, scholarships, visa regulations, student accommodation and pre-departure allows students and parents make a more informed decision on their educational choices.
  • Our student advisors help students relate their educational program to next steps and future success. This early planning by our expert counselors and career counseling helps prepare students for the challenges of the future by supporting their educational goals and career aspirations.

This is all provided by a highly trained team that is passionate and caring. Our student counselling team consists of qualified student counselors, career guidance, admission advisors and student visa experts who provide an interdisciplinary team effort to address student needs, educational goals and long-term career aspirations. This collective approach allows students to receive advice and get answers to all of their questions from one place.