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Best Choice for PhD Admission

The PhD admission process is complicated but worth it as obtaining a doctoral degree is one of the best ways to excel academically and professionally. It is the highest formal academic qualification available.

The PhD admission process is complicated but worth it as obtaining a doctoral degree is one of the best ways to excel academically and professionally. It is the highest formal academic qualification available.

If you are thinking about taking a PhD degree abroad, then that could be one of the best decisions you’ve taken thus far.

The whole thought of studying for a doctorate abroad might sound bold and challenging, but everything actually can become easy and convenient with the right approach.

MyLearning is the best education consultant for processing your PhD Admission and receiving unconditional or conditional offer. We offer you the right advice, guidance and full support throughout the entire application process.

With us, you are guaranteed to advance and stand out in your opportunity to study PhD, at one of the top research-lead universities.

PhD Meaning

Many people ask, what is PhD and why is written in different forms such as PhD, or DPhil. The PhD meaning is a Doctor of Philosophy which is the highest academic degree awarded by a research lead university. PhD years of study range from 3 to 6 years depends on the study mode.

PhD is taught differently depending on the study abroad destination students choose. For example, a PhD in UK is a research degree taught over three-year full-time study under the supervision of primary and secondary PhD supervisors. Part-time and online PhD could take up to 6 years to complete.

Doing a PhD in Australia, New Zealand or Ireland is very similar to that of the UK. PhD in Canada and USA is a combination of taught and research where students complete two years of taught subjects followed by two years of research.

Best chance of receiving PhD admission from top universities in UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia or Dubai

PhD Programs

Postgraduate students who are planning on submitting a doctorate degree application, need to decide on what PhD topic their research will focus on, and that starts with the academic major or study field they want.

Following deciding on the degree major students need to drill down on the finer grain to identify a focused research interest. Some of the popular PhD programs offered at top universities include the following:

  • PhD in Management
  • PhD in Finance
  • PhD in Economics
  • PhD in Education
  • PhD in Marketing
  • PhD in Law
  • PhD in Engineering
  • PhD in Computing

MyLearning expert doctorate admission experts can help graduates find a PhD topic that is suitable for their field, matching their academic credentials and would enhance their career plans and aspirations. We help you make the right decisions and plan well for studying abroad at the best universities in the world.

PhD Admission Requirements

As the highest academic qualification, the PhD admission requirements can be demanding and challenging to prepare. For that reason most of the international students, often do not submit the full list of documentation required to complete the PhD admission process correctly and as expected by the doctorate supervisors.

It is therefore important to focus on preparing all the PhD application requirements in advance which include the following:

  • High school certificate/transcript
  • Bachelor certificate & transcript
  • Master certificate & transcript
  • Two to three academic references
  • Full page copy of your passport
  • Professionally prepared resume/CV
  • English proficiency: IELTS or TOEFL
  • Well written PhD research proposal

UniAdmission counselors have extensive knowledge abut the  PhD admission requirements and can guide you on how to prepare all the requirements including writing PhD research proposal, personal statement and admissions essay if required. 

Research Proposal

One of the key requirements for PhD admission is preparing and submitting a good research proposal detailing the proposed research topic and primarily outlines the area of study and research focus of the doctoral degree.

When preparing the doctorate topic proposal you must follow a structured style that is required by the top research-lead universities, specially those in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia and Dubai.

A typical research proposal should be around 2500 words and cover key points which the PhD supervisors normally want to see before the issued the university admission letter and include the following:

  • Outlining the problem or question
  • Clarify how you intend to solve it
  • Brief outline of academic literature
  • Justify the research topic value
  • Provide adequate list of references

This is important because it allows the university to appoint a suitable PhD supervisor who is qualified in this particular academic discipline. But it is also important for the student as it ensures that the qualification on the graduation certificate will match the specialization or topic.

PhD Proposal Sample

As a general guideline a PhD proposal is important and should include a short introduction, literature review, research problem, research method, solution approach and bibliographies and be around 2500 words in length. One of the benefits of dealing with MyLearning is the advice and guidance we give to PhD students on preparing their proposal and give them a research proposal sample copy.

GMAT Requirement

GMAT score and GRE are not always required for admission to PhD if you’re planning to study in UK destination, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand.

They are however required by most America universities and Canada Universities for admission to non-science and non-engineering postgraduate programs.

The average GMAT score required for admission ranges from 600 to 730 depending on the study abroad destination and the university you intend to apply to.

MyLearning Education Consultant team of student counselors can help you find a PhD admission at top universities without GMAT, GRE or LSAT.

PhD in UAE

Those who are interested in doing PhD in UAE can benefit from a wider choice of PhD programs in UAE that are offered by universities in Dubai, universities in Abu Dhabi and University in Sharjah.

With good education standards, the PhD in UAE is taught to the highest standards and follows a similar system to that of USA and Canada, which can take up to four years to complete.

PhD programs in UAE are combined of two-year of taught courses, where students attend classes, followed by two-year of research that is supervised by two doctorate supervisors.

The PhD degrees are offered at the top universities in UAE, which are equipped with state of the art technology, research resources, and facilities that a PhD student needs to succeed in their program.

Apply for PhD Admission

So if you’re serious about studying a PhD degree, receiving your university acceptance fast, and need help with the entire process, you’ve come to the right place. We have the expertise, knowledge, and understanding of the entire process to get you there fast. That includes researching and identifying a suitable supervisor and securing their approval too. Completing the entire admission process in the correct sequence and obtaining the PhD acceptance in the fastest time possible. Want a hassle-free PhD admission service provided by a professional and highly qualified team. We work long and hard to make sure you receive your acceptance from top international universities fast? contact us now to find out how we can help. By submitting our admission application here you save yourself a lot of time and hassle and could potentially receive faster admission.
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