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UniAdmission website is your first step towards a more fulfilling study abroad experience and attaining the most sought after academic qualifications from top universities, medical schools and English language schools! We truly appreciate you taking the time to visit our website and your interest in our premium student services.

Why don’t you contact UniAdmission study abroad consultant now to discover the endless opportunities we have to offer including student counseling, university admission, student visa processing, IELTS practice courses, UCAS track update and dormitory booking. 

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Student services as amazing as the destinations

UniAdmission offers complete solutions for students who want to study abroad at the best universities in the world. Our service packages include student counseling, impartial advice, admission for PhD, Master, MBA, bachelor, foundation year, and English courses. We’re are experts in student visa processing, student accommodation booking, IELTS registration, UCAS track and  common app processing.

Student Counseling

Impartial advice and counseling by certified student counselors

University Admission

Guaranteed admission to all student levels: bachelor, master, MBA or PhD

Learn English

Learn English the right way at top English language schools worldwide

Student Visa

Experts in processing student visa for faster approval and issuance

Best universities in the world, top medical schools and english language schools

UniAdmission study abroad consultant has partnered with a large network of universities, medical schools, private colleges, community colleges, and english language schools to formally facilitate the most perfect admissions process, which leads to successful admission for every international student and every local student dealing with us. That includes admission processing for the common app, UCAS, EmSAT and all study leves including bachelor, MBBA, masters, MBA, PhD, English courses and summer camps.

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UniAdmission is Students' Favorite Education Consultant

Thousands of students trust UniAdmission Education Consultant for their study abroad needs. Watch the video to see what we can do for you.

Inspiring study abroad destinations at your finger tips

Sculpt your education, perfect your qualifications,  free your true potential and transform your life for a brighter future. Let UniAdmission educational consultant help you receive admission faster and process your visa to your favorite study destination. See the full study destinations list and apply for admission right now.

Study in USA

The USA is one of the most popular study abroad destinations

Study in Canada

Canada is quality education, settlement & immigration opportunity

Study in UK

One of the oldest, most traditional higher education systems in the world

Study in Germany

Free yet excellent educational opportunities in all study majors

Study in Australia

Australia is exciting destinations with great education and life opportunties

Study in UAE

The UAE offers higher standards of of education, living and job opportunities

UniAdmission maximizes your student visa approval

UniAdmission student visa specialists know all the intricate details of the visa rules and regulations for all the study destinations. Based on that they can process the most perfect visa application which will significantly maximize your student visa approval and fast issuance. So if you want your visa approved faster complete our online visa application now. 

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UniAdmission Study Abroad Blog

Our study abroad blog is professionally prepared by our certified study abroad consultants in Dubai, based on extensive research to provide the most accurate information to international students and local students. Our education blog is part of UniAdmission website, the  trusted source of information for all students and parents.

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