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The genuine student testimonials for UniAdmission, their opinions and the numerous google reviews for UniAdmission collectively tell our story through the words of international students and local students who who utilized and benefited from UniAdmission’s educational support and study abroad needs. Students achievements and success in getting into prestigious universities and top English schools is a priority to us.

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Your interest as a student comes first and foremost to our team of student counselors. This is why we always make sure that your case receives the highest attention possible which results in the best outcome there is. That includes your successful admission and your visa approval.

Our exceptional admission process was developed and perfected over many years, resulting in guaranteed, successful admission for every student dealing with us as the entire process is professionally managed by UniAdmission’s caring, attentive team of student counselors.

This level of commitment, dedication and focused attention to students and their critical needs, has always resulted in their satisfaction which is reflected in the honest student reviews and testimonials reviews, and opinions they willingly provide to us.

Real Student Testimonials

Here are some of the reliable, authentic and honest student testimonials for UniAdmission provided by local students and international students who dealt with UniAdmission educational consultant for their studying abroad services and student visa processing:

I can only describe and summarize my experience with them in one word excellent. They provided outstanding service through collaboration between their teams, from student counselors, admissions officers to the visa experts to give me complete service in-time. It was excellent.

Sabrine Deride

It is hard to decide specially with not knowing where to start and what is right and wrong about university rankings, subject choices, admission requirements and how to apply to universities, not to mention visa application complications. You guys made it so easy for us, thank you a million.

Raul Haddad

UniAdmission Education consultant website provides the right information to international students who are looking to study abroad. It is easy to navigate, clean, simple, yet features up-to-date information on universities, rankings, admissions process, application requirements and more. It saved me so much time.

Amal Habbar

Education Consultant is truly an extraordinary choice for international students who wish to get into top universities. their talented student counselors provide each student with a premium service that is guaranteed to give them solid foundation for success. Try it to find out for yourself.

Ashlee Harbor

I’m grateful to UniAdmission team, they believed in me and helped in finishing my master’s degree in art & design. I’ve dreamed of becoming a creative designer since I was 11, with a master degree from the UK it has become reality. I’m sure UniAdmission can help any student find what they’re looking for.

Julie Sanders

I really enjoyed dealing with their team of student counselors. I found them to be pleasant with real knowledge, accountability and use innovative process; all of which is reflected in the quality of results their archived for me in a timely manner. I highly recommend them to all students.

Arum Shaddai

UniAdmission was recommended to me by my school friends and I am so happy they referred me to UniAdmission education consultants. I found their services up to their recommendation as they gave me the right advice and secured my offer of acceptance fast.

Ahmed Alhalabi

Thank you for your speedy response and the support that you gave me during my university application to Canadian universities. You are always there even now, with a quick solution to any problem I have. Truly an exceptional level of service!

Nada Alriami

The student counselors at UniAdmission were friendly and approachable but more importantly highly knowledgeable and knew what they were talking about. Communicating and dealing with them was easy, clear and consistent which gave me great trust in their service

Ghada Alkhatib

Without UniAdmission help I would not have been able to complete my study as they helped with my Canadian visa approval. UniAdmission student counsellors have great expertise not only in the university admission process but also in the study visa too.

Vijay Rajan

Thank you all for the amazing experience and for getting me into the right university. You do an amazing job in every step of the way. Your inspiration, fresh ideas and hard work gets the results for students like me who have late application, and yet you got me into a great university in last minute.

Buthaina Almasri

I just want to thank UniAdmission consultants, for your help and continued support. I was so happy, satisfied with the result not only because the process was clear and transparent but the speed in which the service was delivered. Keep up the good work. UniAdmission support is the best I seen.

Alexander Novikov

I had fair IB grades which made it hard for me to get into top universities or top law schools. if it was not to UniAdmission I would not have been able to get into university. But with UniAdmission education consultants help I got into Queen Mary University of London.

Faisal Musallam

Applying to American universities is complex, lengthy, time consuming and rejection rate is high. I came to UniAdmission because I wanted to be on the safe-side. With their help and expertise I received acceptance from top American Universities fast.

Asmaa Abdoun

I came to UniAdmission pretty late in the year and they were able to speed up my admissions application through their direct and close relationship with universities in USA. This allowed me to get my offer of acceptance and join the intake on time. I highly recommend them for students who are in a hurry for quick admissions.

Naser Alotaibi

Studying medicine was my biggest dream and I knew it was going to be very tough to get into UK medical schools but UniAdmission made it possible for me to study medicine in one of the best UK medical schools and I can’t thank them enough. I just could not believe when I received my medical acceptance.

Anton Habib

My UK visa was rejected when I applied alone. The university advised me to go to UniAdmission for help. UniAdmission visa advisers applied for me again in the correct manner and in less than a week, my visa was approved which allowed me to traveled to the UK to start my study. I did not miss even one class thanks to them and their visa expertise.

Anju Gupta

UniAdmission education counselors gave me the right advice and helped me receive an offer of acceptance for my MBA Finance from top UK universities, but did not stop there but helped me book my student accommodation, apply for my study visa successfully and even airport waiting in Heathrow Airport. Can’t thank them enough.

Mona Al Sayegh

My goal was to get score 5.5 in my IELTS in order to join university. So I went to UniAdmission who advised me to take an Academic English course with IELTS preparation and stay with English family for practicing spoken English. They picked the best English school for me and by time I finished the course I achieve IELTS score 6, Unbelievable.

Rana Al Mansour

I received ongoing support from UniAdmission from first day, where they got me an acceptance for bachelor from top US universities until I graduated. Throughout my four-year study in USA they helped with all matters related to my university admission, i20, credit transfer, visa processing visa and renewal. Made study life so much easier.

Reem Al Jandali

I was amazed at the quality of “Education consultant” services and process. I was impressed with them more and more each day, because it really made our life so much easier. From the simple application process to enrollment day, everything was done right and went smooth. A job well done.

Satish Kumar

I really enjoyed dealing with their team of student counselors. I found them to be pleasant with real knowledge, accountability and use innovative process; all of which is reflected in the quality of results their archived for me in a timely manner. I highly recommend them to all students.

Arum Shaddai

I was so excited to receive my university acceptance and start my studies in such a great country like the UK. You really know what you’re doing and your education counselors were truly amazing throughout the process from admission to accommodation to my student visa. I am so grateful for the help.

Samir Arkan

Since dealing with the education counselors and even admin staff, they were helpful with everything that I asked for and much more throughout the application process. My parents and I appreciate their professional, consistent and friendly approach. Thank you very much for the great service.

Sawsan Atlali

I have chosen Education Consultant for my study abroad process because of their quality premium service which focused on my application intensively and continued to apply for me until I receive a university acceptance despite my weak high-school grades.

Salem Albasch

Whatever you need, whenever you need it, this study abroad consultant has it waiting for you, whether it is education advice, acceptance from a top university, help with the study visa or simply waiting and airport transfer their student counselors will do it for you.

John Bayan
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