Studying in Germany Made Easy

Affordable quality German education

The unique opportunity to study in Germany presents international students with some many benefits, that drive self-development, extensive knowledge gain, highly affordable German education and amble educational and career rewards.

Affordable quality German education

Universities in Germany are renowned for high standards of teaching and offer solid education and academic qualifications for all study levels including bachelor, master, and PhD.

Those rewards include high-quality education by top universities in Germany, learn German for those who wish to study in German language and studying at one of the English universities in Germany for those students who wish to study in English.

Students who wish to study abroad in Germany can expect a number of challenges, that are mostly related to the online admission process at a German university and the German visa process.

The challenges tend to be a lot hard for those ambitious students who are interested in extra special education that is provided by world-class universities which can include:

Best Universities in Germany

Studying at one of the best universities in Germany is a dream of thousands of students, simply because getting in in-itself is a highly rewarding step.

Graduating from one of the top universities in Germany makes the students more employable, provides with better career opportunities and much higher earnings. On top of that is the prestige that comes along with being a graduate from such prestigious universities.

English Universities in Germany

English education in Germany is becoming more popular with international students particularly those who really want to travel and study in Germany! This is why increasingly more of the German universities have started teaching some of their degrees in English.

Although this mostly applies to popular postgraduate degrees, such as master, MBA, and PhD. Some of the private universities teach all of their degrees in English including their bachelor and diploma which are also taught in the medium of English.

This can potentially can apply to almost all academic and study majors including business degrees, engineering degrees, computer degrees, science degrees, medical science degrees, law degrees. Having said that, there are some exceptions which our education consultants can verify on a case by case basis.

Medical Universities in Germany

Many students whose ambition is to become a medical doctor choose to study in Germany because the medical universities in Germany offer their MBBS degree for free.

However, there is one drawback for those students who want to study medicine in Germany. They must start with learning German at approved German schools, which is preferred to be in Germany itself.

Studying German at a school in Germany has tremendous benefits, such as the opportunity to practice the language on a daily basis, native German language tutors and faster learning opportunity

Learn German

As previously stated, despite the fact that most German universities teach their undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees in the medium of German language, there are some universities and colleges which teach their study programs in the English language.

In which case some international students need to learn German and reach the academic level or language score required by colleges and universities in Germany.

It is recommended that student study in a German school accelerate their language learning and reaching the proficiency level they need to join university faster.

One of the best and most effective ways is to take a German course that matches your level and continue the course until you reach the language proficiency level required to get into the degree course you wish to study.

MyLearning Educational consultant specialized team of student counselors can tell you which level you need to reach for the degree you want to study in Germany.

Germany Visa Dubai

Germany visa is required for anyone traveling to Germany and that includes student visa for those traveling to study in Germany.

The requirements for processing your Germany visa in Dubai can be hectic for an international student, not to mention the German visa application form that takes a very long time to complete.

We all know that any mistakes on the application or submitting the wrong documents results in the visa being rejected which can be devastating to students.

This is why MyLearning Education Consultant visa team are qualified to manage the Germany visa process and providing training for the visa interview at the German Consulate Dubai.

Apply to Study in Germany

So if you’re thinking about going to university in Germany and need, the right guidance, receiving admission from top German universities or German school and your German visa processing, you have come to the right place.

MyLearning Education Consultant is the top expert in everything related to education in Germany and can help you receive your admission from the most suitable universities. medical schools, colleges or English schools fast.

In addition our team of visa experts will ensure that all the requirements and documentation are well prepared and will take care of the german visa processing, resulting in your visa approval successfully.

So if you’re planning to study in Germany and currently looking for the best education consultant to help you achieve your goal, go ahead and contacts us now or submit our admissions application right away.

Impartial student counseling by top study abroad experts
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Impartial student counseling by top study abroad experts