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Students who plan to study in UK can look forward to one of the best study abroad experiences in the world. You can expect vibrant, dynamic campus life, international students mix, state of the art facilities, high tech labs, highly qualified faculty, caring support staff and a multicultural accepting British society.

The UK has one of the best higher education systems in the world and considered a leader in many educational fields including business, management, law, politics, computing, engineering, science and medicine. UK universities are world-renowned for research excellence and teaching quality, equipping students with solid qualifications that are well sought-after by top recruiters and employers.

Great Britain is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world such as University of Cambridge, Oxford University, University of London, Imperial College, and City University of London. The University of Manchester, University of Sheffield and University of South Wales are just a few of the most popular universities in the UK.

English being the native language makes the UK the most popular destination for those who wish to learn English from native English tutors at top UK English Schools such as Kaplan English, EC English and Eurocentres English Schools.

The UK higher education system is unique in that it was the first to introduce the pathway degree program specifically for international students. The pathway program integrates the foundation year with three-year academic major or one-year international diploma with two-year academic major for a four-year bachelor degree.

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UK medical schools offer top medical degrees and produce some of the finest medical graduates in the world who get employed by major healthcare service providers worldwide. UK Business Schools such as London Business School, Judge Institute and Manchester Business School deliver some of the best business degrees, management programs and top MBA.

With such great educational opportunities come some challenges, one of which is the large number of university applicants is received every year making admission to UK universities much tougher than other student abroad destination in the world. According to the British Council over 700’000 international students travel to study in the UK every year, reflecting its popularity.

UCL, LSE, King’s College London and Warwick University are examples of top UK universities which have more rigorous admission criteria, require strong references and a well-written personal statement. In addition undergraduate applications must be processed through UCAS application, which is complex and time consuming. University clearing admission is normally open for international students around mid July of every year.

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