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Having a bachelor degree is very important not only for establishing a successful career but for higher studies at a later time. Most of the top employers and recruiters expect candidates to have completed their undergraduate program from a good university

Career opportunities are becoming increasingly more competitive and demand from big corporations for certain qualifications is constantly changing according to the job market demands

That is why international students and local students need to plan early-on so they can choose the right academic major of their bachelor degree and which university or college is best to study at for that specific major.

Your future, career path, potential earnings and overall wealth is tightly linked to and influenced by the education you will have and where you attain your academic qualifications.

That includes what academic major you choose for your undergraduate degree, at what university, college or medical student you join and which study abroad destination you will end up travelling to.

Popular study abroad destinations such as USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and UAE are most likely to offer much better educational and career progression opportunities and for international students.

Studying abroad in any of those destinations goes beyond the academic aspects of education. They offer a truly international experience along with a mentally stimulating educational environment, amazing campus life.

With a strong economy and best universities in the world, those countries are home to some of the biggest companies and start-ups in the world offering amazing opportunities to graduates.

Bachelor Degree Options

When deciding on the bachelor major students need to research extensively to find out what degree majors are going to be in demand by the time they graduate.

Once decided on what undergraduate major to study, identifying a suitable university or college to apply to and in which study abroad destination it is, is another set of challenges students have to deal with.

Those decisions are essential for students’ success not only in their higher education but on their long-term career planning and aspirations.

The process of researching on the internet, when and how to find the correct information that is up-to-date is extremely challenging and time-consuming too.

This is why MyLearning Education Consultant is here, to help international students and local students with everything they need from advice, guidance, university choice, to completing the entire admission process.

MyLearning is a trusted source of information, that is accurate and up to date which enables students and parents make more informed decisions on where to study a bachelor degree.

Undergraduate Admission varies depending on the university, college or study destination and often depended on students credentials, academic qualifications and extracurricular history.

There are various options such as direct admission, academic credit transfer, diploma to bachelor admission, but the following undergrad admission opportunities are the most common for international students:

Direct Bachelor Admission

The direct bachelor degree admissions is suitable for international students who have completed all the academic prerequisites to be admissible into the bachelor degree major directly, without having to take additional preparatory courses such as the foundation year or the freshman year.

direct bachelor admission students sitting at round table at university campus garden
The Direct undergraduate admission process vary from study destination to another, but in general it is often completed through a centralized admission systems such as UCAS for studying the UK or the common app for studying the USA.

While it is more flexible in other study abroad destinations like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia and UAE, where the admission application is submitted directly to the university or universities the student is interest in.

As a result, the direct admission process differs for each study abroad destination and the admission requirements vary significantly, not only depending on the degree major, the university ranking but the admission system too.

MyLearning student counselors are experts in all of the direct admission systems and can give you the right advice, guide you throughout the process and will also complete the direct admissions process from end to end to make sure you receive your letters of admission faster.

Common App Admission

The common app admission is specifically for applying to a bachelor admission at america Universities and colleges for any of the study majors students choose.

It is a good system but can be confusing because it is very long application, with complicated questions and has tight deadline which means students might miss the opportunity to study in USA

But with MyLearning Education Consultant expertise in applying to US universities and colleges and submitting the most perfect common app, students have much better chance of receiving their university acceptance faster.

UCAS Application

This is normally for students who are planning to study for an undergraduate degree in any specialization at any of the UK universities, colleges or medical schools and need to apply for direct admission to year one.

International students must do this through submitting their UCAS application and use UCAS login, to complete their admissions application process before the UCAS deadline.

As a professional educational consultant, we’re an official agent of UCAS and use our expertise help students with their UCAS track, and receiving faster UCAS admission and enrollment.

Integrated Degree Admission

The integrated bachelor degree is a four-year degree which integrates year zero such as the international foundation year or the freshman year all together with the degree major into a 4-year bachelor degree program.

Therefor international students receive their letter of admission for integrated bachelor degree inclusive of the the foundation year or freshman year on one letter of admission or one letter of acceptance.

Some universities or colleges provide the student visa sponsorship letter such as i20, Sevis, CAS or CoE for the entire 4-year course, in turn some consulates may issue the student with a 4-year study visa to last for the entire duration of the degree program.

Topup Degree Admission

The topup degree is for students who have previous study at the higher education level and have successfully completed and accumulated study credits or academic credits and have a transcript to prove that.

the topup admission process also applies to international students who have studied an undergraduate program such as a diploma, higher diploma, or HND which stands for Higher National Diploma or international year one.

In those cases MyLearning expert team will ensure that all your previous study credits, academic credits or any previous qualifications that you have will be counted and accredited towards your new bachelor admission.

As a result you will receive admission from top universities and colleges for a bachelor degree that is shorter in duration, such as the two-year topup degree or the one-year topup degree for most of the study majors.

Bachelor Admission Expertise

So if you are serious about studying abroad and need help with your bachelor’s degree admission, from top universities, medical schools or colleges, you have come to the right website. Reach out to our student counselors by contacting MyLearning Education Consultant now who will be more than happy to help you throughout the entire process. Alternatively, just complete our admission application online right now.
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