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Our English FAQ are prepared and answered by professionals to help students find the right answers to their questions on everything related to studying English at top English language schools and in University English institutes. So if you’re planning to learn English or take an English course this is the right place to help you.

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Popular study abroad destinations such as the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Dubai are the ideal choice for international students who need to further improve their English language skills and achieve the IELTS or TOEFL IBT score required to get into top universities, colleges or medical schools.

Our English FAQ help students be clear about the benefits of the top study destinations which offer great environment for students who wish to learn English the right way. For example all the British schools are approved by the British Council and the UK Border Agency which allows them to sponsor international students for the student visa.

They also have extensive expertise in preparing students for any English test including the IELTS exam, TOEFL IBT test or Pearson test. the TOEFL and IELTS results take a couple of weeks to come out and are accepted by all universities for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

The IELTS test is conducted on weekly bases and tests students skills in listening, reading, writing and spoken English. Some of the top schools offer GMAT, GRE and LSAT preparatory courses, which are required for getting into universities in Canada or America Universities and courses too.

English FAQ List

Our admission advisers are experts in placing students at the most suitable English language schools and have prepared the most English frequent questions. The full list of English FAQ is below to help clarify and answer the most pressing questions:

English originated from the areas of Netherlands, West Denmark, and Northwest Germany and derived from the Anglo-Frisian dialect used by the Germanic who brought it to Britain during their invasion between 5th to 7th centuries AD. English spread to other countries with the expansion of the British Empire. Since then became the first language for many nations including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Over 800 million speak English across the globe making it the most widely used language in the world. This number is likely to grow further in the future. More universities use English for academic teaching, research, and publication than ever before. The recent explosion in the internet, social media and messaging use have contributed to the growth of the English language worldwide.

Learning English will depend on your aim and why you wish to learn English in the first place. Those wanting to learn English to improve their English conversation can merely practice essential conversation techniques. Other ways of Learning English include living with native language speakers or travel to UK, USA or Canada. It is good to consider taking an English course at one of the top schools like Kaplan College.

The best way to develop your English language skills is to take intensive English course at an approved English school. Another way is to practice as much as you can through writing, listening and speaking. You can improve your English through watching TV or listening to the news. BBC English is the right approach to learning and enhancing your English skills.

BBC English is a type of spoken English that is primarily used by BBC presenters particularly on BBC News channels. BBC English is considered to be a good form of spoken English that is easily understood by others.

There are different ways to learn English, but the following are the most popular and are highly efficient.

◉ Take an English language course in one of the English-speaking countries like UK, USA, Canada.
◉ Learn English online by taking online courses which cheaper although it may take longer
◉ English practice with focus on English conversation, writing and active listening to BBC English
◉ Live with an English family to become familiar with the language and culture

The easiest way to learn English is to take an intensive English course at a top English school. Preferably a school in the UK, USA, Canada or Australia that offer English lessons for beginners. Other destinations with good English schools include Ireland, Malta, and Dubai.

Learn English Guide

Students who are serious about learning English in UK, USA, Canada, Australia or UAE should complete our online application. Choosing a suitable English school to learn English is essential for students’ success in their higher education and career development.

The right English lessons can make a difference in how quickly and efficiently students can improve their English skills. UniAdmission education Consultant not only answers your English FAQ but can helps you find the proper English course at a good school with less cost and lower tuition fees.

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