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Best Universities in Germany

Studying at one of the best universities in Germany is a dream of thousands of students, simply because getting in in-itself is a highly rewarding step. Graduating from one of the top universities in Germany makes the students more employable, provides them with better career opportunities and much higher earnings potential. On top of that is the added value of the prestige that comes along with being a graduate from such prestigious german universities.

English Universities in Germany

English education in Germany is becoming more popular with international students particularly those who really want to travel and study in Germany! This is why increasingly more of the Germany universities have started teaching some of their degrees in English. UniAdmission is the top overseas education consultants for Germany and can help you receive admission faster.

Although this mostly applies to popular postgraduate degrees, such as masters degree, MBA, and PhD. Some of the English universities in germany teach many of their degrees in English including their bachelor degrees and diploma programs, which are also taught in the medium of English.

This can potentially apply to almost all academic and study majors including business degrees, engineering degrees, computer degrees, science degrees, medical science degrees, law degrees and other fields of study. Having said that, there are some exceptions which our education consultants can verify on a case by case basis.

Medical Universities in Germany

Many students whose ambition is to become a medical doctor choose to study in Germany because the medical universities in Germany offer their MBBS degree for free. However, there is one drawback for those students who want to study medicine in Germany. They must start with learning German at approved German schools, which is preferred to be in Germany itself.

Studying German at a top language school in Germany has tremendous benefits for international students, such as the opportunity to practice the language with German people on a daily basis, and taking German lessons by truly native German speaking tutors. All in all this will help you learn the German language much faster and and understanding the German grammar much better.

Germany Student Visa

For international students to be able to travel and study in Germany would need to receive admission from one of the approved universities in Germany, following, that is submitting the germany visa application form along with all the visa requirements and documents.

Germany visa processing is lengthy and complicated and that is why it can pose major challenges for international student and can be an obstacle in their way of traveling to study in Germany. UniAdmission is the best German visa consultancy with experts who are professional in completing the most perfect germany visa application form that results in your visa being issued much faster.

List of Germany Universities

Below is the complete list of Germany universities including the top universities in germany, technical universities and public universities that are approved by Daad Germany for Germany student visa sponsorship. Take a look at the list below which includes university of Cologne Germany, Berlin University, LMU Munich and many more and let us know if you need help in receiving admission from any German university in the list.

University NameTypeCity
Berlin University of the ArtsPublicBerlin
Dresden University of TechnologyPublicDresden
Free University of BerlinPublicBerlin
Humboldt University of BerlinPublicBerlin
Hertie School of GovernancePublicIlmenau
Technical University of IlmenauPublicIlmenau
University of ErfurtPublicErfurt
University of Halle-WittenbergPublicHalle
University of JenaPublicJena
University of LeipzigPublicLeipzig
University of MagdeburgPublicMagdeburg
University of PotsdamPublicPotsdam
University of WeimarPublicWeimar
Neubrandenburg University of Science & TechnologyPublicNeubrandenburg
Viadrina University (Frankfurt an der Oder)PublicFrankfurt (Oder)
University of BremenPublicBremen
Jacobs University BremenPrivateBremen
University of FlensburgPublicFlensburg
University of GottingenPublicGottingen
University of GreifswaldPublicGreifswald
University of HamburgPublicHamburg
Helmut Schmidt University BundeswehrPublicHamburg
University of HannoverPublicHanover
University of HildesheimPublicHildesheim
University of KielPublicKiel
University of LobeckPublicLobeck
University of LoneburgPublicLobeck
University of OldenburgPublicOldenburg
University of OsnabrockPublicOsnabrock
University of RostockPublicRostock
University of VechtaPublicVechta
University of AugsburgPublicAugsburg
University of BambergPublicBamberg
University of BayreuthPublicBayreuth
Catholic University of Eichstott-IngolstadtPublicEichstott Ingolstadt
University of Erlangen-NurembergPublicErlangen Nuremberg
University of FreiburgPublicFreiburg im Breisgau
Zeppelin University (Friedrichshafen)PrivateFriedrichshafen
University of HeidelbergPublicHeidelberg
University of HohenheimPublicStuttgart
Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyPublicStuttgart
University of KonstanzPublicKonstanz
University of MannheimPublicMannheim
Bundeswehr University of MunichPublicNeubiberg
University of MunichPublicMunich
Ukrainian Free University MunichPrivateMunich
University of PassauPublicPassau
University of RegensburgPublicRegensburg
University of StuttgartPublicStuttgart
University of TobingenPublicTobingen
University of UlmPublicUlm
University of WorzburgPublicWorzburg
University of BielefeldPublicBielefeld
Ruhr University BochumPublicBochum
University of BonnPublicBonn
University of ColognePublicCologne
Technical University of DortmundPublicDortmund
University of Duisburg-EssenPublicDuisburg
University of DosseldorfPublicDosseldorf
University of Frankfurt am MainPublicFrankfurt
University of GiessenPublicGiessen
University of Hagen (eLearning open university)PublicHagen
University of KasselPublicKassel
University of KoblenzPublicKoblenz
University of MainzPublicMainz
University of MarburgPublicMarburg
University of MonsterPublicMonster
University of PaderbornPublicPaderborn
Saarland UniversityPublicSaarbrocken
University of TrierPublicTrier
University of SiegenPublicSiegen
German University of Administrative Sciences SpeyerPublicSpeyer
Witten/Herdecke UniversityPublicWitten
University of WuppertalPublicWuppertal
Frankfurt School of Finance & ManagementPublicFrankfurt

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