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Number #1 Education Consultant

UniAdmission is known for quality, reliability and for delivering the best study abroad solutions that are managed by professional team of certified student counselors, admission experts and student visa specialists. That is why UniAdmission Education Consultant is trusted and loved by thousands of international students, local students, parents, and many more amazing people like you!


We pride ourselves on our many years of experience as number one education consultant and our ability to achieve greater results for all students who deal with us for their educational needs and student visa processing in half of the time.

Our focus is on you and our goal is to primarily get you the best results possible in the fastest time possible and from the best universities, medical schools, colleges or English institutes for any course or degree major you would like to study. If you’re planning to study medicine UniAdmission is the best education consultant for MBBS admission.

The process of applying for admission, be it for PhD, DBA, MBA, master, bachelor or foundation year, is fueled with challenges and uncertainty. We make the process of receiving your admission much faster and a lot safer with a total peace of mind.

It is truly a great honor for us to serve the needs of local students and international students and see them succeed in their education as we constantly strive to make the impossible possible for everyone visiting UniAdmission website and dealing with us.

Backed by a large network of top universities, medical schools and English institutes, UniAdmission has been the first choice education consultant for thousands of international students and local students.



96% of the international students stated that UniAdmission is one of the most trusted study abroad consultants in Dubai with  that with reliable team of student counselors who have the expertise and knowledge required to help students get into higher ranking universities.

” I want to personally express my deepest gratitude to UniAdmission Education Consultancy and their student counseling team for their invaluable advice, guidance and the admission team who secured my unconditional admission at City University of London ” 

Hiba Asloon​


87% of the students who processed their applications through UniAdmission website say that they received their letter of admission much faster than they expected, and much faster than if they had applied themselves.

” UniAdmission provides great study abroad services and have an amazing team of student counselors, you can trust them for your admission and visa processing. They helped me with my admission in California and US visa approval although I was late ” 

Nesrine Elessa​

93% of international students applying late to study abroad confirmed that UniAdmission student visa expert team helped them receive their student visa approval successfully and travel to join their classes on time. That is why UniAdmission is the safest choice.

” UniAdmission is a friendly education consultant where everyone is welcome. It is where you’ll find professional student counselors with great expertise. They provide impartial advice, real counseling and all you need to study abroad successfully ” 

Irena Novakova


99% of student experienced faster services. Our fast results speak for themselves and students acknowledgements cement the fact as to why UniAdmission is the number one for education consultants in dubai, providing faster university admission and student visa processing.

” UniAdmission is the overseas pathway consultancy services for admission to pathway courses. They know what they’re doing and helped me join the best pathway program in the UK and supported me all the way until I reached my UK university ” 

Lizzie Thompson

Why UniAdmission !

UniAdmission student counselors and admission experts are masters in implementing and managing the entire admissions process and the visa processing on behalf of international students and local students making sure students receive the best outcome in the fastest time possible.

With UniAdmission you, whether a student or parent can have total peace of mind knowing that your applications and entire process are in the safe hands of real professionals who have passion for what they do. Here are just few reasons as to why UniAdmission is a distinctive study abroad consultant:


Certified Counselors

Our professional team consists of certified student counselors, admission experts and visa specialists. They have extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge of all the rules and regulations of the admission and visa processes.

Impartial Approach

UniAdmission is an independent education consultancy with a focus on students success. Our impartial advice and counseling means placing students at the most suitable universities, medical colleges or English language schools.

Proven Process

Our perfect process is handled by our experienced team and has been proven to deliver more successful, faster admission for international students and a higher rate of student visa approval and issuance for all the study abroad destinations.

Guaranteed Results

Our professional team works long and hard to cohesively complete the most perfect admission applications and admissions process which results in successful acceptance for every student dealing with us, regardless of how tough their case is.

Top Universities

UniAdmission has partnered with a large network of top universities, colleges, medical schools and English language institutes in the most popular study abroad destinations, giving students access to some of the best universities in the world.

Quality Services

UniAdmission provides premium one-stop shop for all study abroad services allowing international students to find all they need from one place including student counseling, university admission, study visa processing and accommodation bookings.
Top Study Abroad Consultant

UniAdmission is a top study abroad consultant with certified student counselors and admission experts who understand the complex admission processes and know how to complete the perfect university applications and secure admission letters for any study level. This includes undergraduate admission, postgraduate admission, PhD application, MBA application, master application and admission for English courses and IELTS preparation courses. 

Regardless of how tough your case is we have the ability and desire to make sure your admission application is successful at top universities, medical school or English institutes. This is why UniAdmission should be your first choice for advice, your university admission and student visa processing. 

Undergraduate Admission

Receive your admission and letters of acceptance for any undergraduate degree from top universities:

  • Bachelor Direct
  • Bachelor Topup
  • Higher Diploma
  • Int. Diploma
  • Foundation Year

Postgraduate Admission

Admission for all graduate degrees, study majors, prep courses from top universities and medical schools:

  • PhD Programs
  • Master Degrees
  • MBA Programs
  • PGCE Eduction
  • PreMaster Courses
Proven Process Results in Faster Admission

UniAdmission has in-depth knowledge of the admission requirements, common app, UCAS track, personal statement for university and good connections with top universities and English language institutes. This allows us to facilitate the most effective admission process and and submitting the perfect online application. While our deep knowledge of the immigration regulations for each country results in a faster student visa approval for any destination: 

  • Common App Admission: We're experts in the common app process and know how to complete and the common application perfectly for faster admission every time. 
  • UCAS Admission: Regardless of what emsat results you achieved in your emsat exam, we will help you get into one of the UAE universities for your study major.
  • EmSAT Exam: Regardless of what emsat results you achieved in your emsat exam, we will help you get into one of the UAE universities for your study major.
Lets Show You a Better Direction

In addition to all of the above why UniAdmission can be your study abroad agency, you as an international student, will benefit from ongoing support offered by our professional support team who will be available from the beginning of the process all the way until you travel to your study destination and start your classes.

Start the process by applying for admission right now. Speak to us to find out why UniAdmission should be your first choice. We’re always here for you, to show you the right way, to open up new doors of opportunity, to help you succeed in your education abroad and to enable you to have the most amazing study abroad experience.

UniAdmission is ideal for international students, local students who are looking for a trusted education consultants in UAE to help them get into top universities, colleges, medical schools or English institutes. Furthermore our team of study visa experts ensure successful visa application and fast approval. 

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