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The following are terms and conditions governing advertising published in UniAdmission Education Consultant (the “Website”) published by UniAdmission Education Consultant (“Publisher”).

1. Rates are effective as and when you first advertise on UniAdmission website within the dates agreed between the advertiser and website. Rate base guarantees are made on basis of average viewing, clicks and inquiry forms completed.

2. Announcement of any change in advertising rates base will be made in advance of the Website’s advertising sales close date to which such rates will be applicable. The Website Rate Card specifies the publication schedule of the Website content and its respective on-sale dates.

3. The Website content is regularly updated, audited for quality and originality on regular basis. Total audited pages are normally reported to UniAdmission website management to ensure full integrity and ethics of advertising practices.

4. Orders for standard inside advertising units close and become non-cancellable by the advertiser at 5:00 P.M. (EST) on the advertising close date of the issue of the Website. All orders for cover positions and special units (e.g., gatefolds, inserts, scent strips, center spread) are non-cancellable and close 30 days prior to the advertising close date for regular issues, and 60 days prior to the advertising close date for awards issues and special-themed issues.

If orders are not received by 5:00 P.M. (EST) on the specified dates, position reservations shall expire. If Publisher agrees to cancel an existing order for a special unit, the advertiser and/or agency shall be responsible for the cost of any work performed or materials purchased on behalf of advertiser and/or agency, including the cost of services, paper and/or printing. All cancellations must be received in writing with a confirmed written acceptance.

5. All agreements for advertising frequency discounts require that a specified number of advertisements be published within a twelve-month period. If the advertiser or agency cancels any portion of any order or fails to publish the specified number, Publisher reserves the right to adjust the rates accordingly, including nullifying the discount for previously published advertisements.

In such event, the advertiser and/or agency must reimburse Publisher for any short-rates. Any merchandising program or activities executed by Publisher in reliance on advertising that is canceled shall be paid for by advertiser and/or agency at the fair market rate for such program or activities. Any merchandising program offered to advertiser and/or agency in reliance on advertising must be utilized in the same calendar year that the advertising runs.

6. Publisher is not responsible for errors or omissions in any advertising materials provided by the advertiser or agency (including errors in key codes/ coupon codes).

7. Publisher may reject or cancel any advertising for any reason at any time. Advertisements simulating the Website’s editorial material in appearance or style or that are not immediately identifiable as advertisements are not acceptable.

8. All advertisements are accepted and published in the Website upon the representation by the agency and advertiser that they are authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof in the Website in all print and electronic versions (including without limitation electronic versions of the Website distributed via digital newsstand services and iPad and smart phone applications) and that such publication will not violate any law or infringe upon any right of any party.

In consideration of the publication of advertisements, the advertiser and agency will, jointly and severally, indemnify, defend and hold Publisher harmless from and against any and all losses and expenses (including without limitation attorney’s fees) (collectively “Losses”) arising out of the publication of such advertisements in the Website,

including without limitation those arising from third party claims or suits for defamation, copyright, or trademark infringement, misappropriation, violation of the Lanham Act or rights of privacy or publicity, or from any and all claims not now known or hereafter devised or created (collectively “Claims”).

In the event Publisher has agreed to provide contest or sweepstakes management services, advertorials or custom advertisements, email design or distribution or other promotional services in connection with an advertising commitment by advertiser, all such services are performed upon the warranty of the agency and advertiser that they will, jointly and severally, indemnify and hold harmless Publisher from and against any and all Losses arising out of the publication, use or distribution of any materials, products (including without limitation prizes) or services provided by or on behalf of the agency or advertiser, their agents and employees, including without limitation those arising from any Claims.

9. In consideration of Publisher’s reviewing for acceptance, or acceptance of, any advertising for publication in the Website, the agency and advertiser agree not to make promotional or merchandising reference to the Website in any way without the prior written permission of Publisher in each instance.

10. Publisher has the right to insert the advertising anywhere in the Website at its discretion, and any condition on contracts, orders or copy instructions involving the placement of advertising within an issue of the Website (such as page location, competitive separation or placement featuring editorial copy) will be treated as a positioning request only and cannot be guaranteed. Publisher’s inability or failure to comply with any such condition shall not relieve the agency or advertiser of the obligation to pay for the advertising.

11. Publisher shall not be subject to any liability whatsoever for any failure to publish or circulate all or any part of any issue(s) of the Website because of strikes, work stoppages, accidents, fires, acts of God or any other circumstances not within the control of Publisher.

12. Agency commission (or equivalent): up to 15% (where applicable to recognized agents) of gross advertising charges after earned advertiser discounts.

13. Invoices are rendered on or about the on-sale date of the Website. Payments are due within 30 days from the billing date. Publisher reserves the right to change the payment terms to cash with order at any time. The advertiser and agency are jointly and severally liable for payment of all invoices for advertising published in the Website.

14. Any and all negotiated advertiser discounts are only applicable to and available during the period in which they are earned. Rebates resulting from any and all earned advertiser discount adjustments must be used within six months after the end of the period in which they are earned. Unused rebates will expire six months after the end of the period in which they were earned.

15. Special advertising promotion premiums do not earn any discounts or agency commissions.

16. You agree that all advertising rates and related information provided by Publisher to you with respect to an account are confidential information of Publisher. You shall keep all such information confidential and shall not disclose the information to any other account or to any third party.

17. All issues relating to advertising will be governed by the laws of the State of New York applicable to contracts to be entirely performed therein. Any action brought by advertiser or agency against Publisher relating to advertising must be brought in the state or federal courts in New York, New York. The parties hereby consent to the jurisdiction of such courts in connection with actions relating to advertising.

18. The foregoing terms and conditions shall govern the relationship between Publisher and Advertiser and/or agency. Unless expressly agreed to in writing and signed by an authorized representative of Publisher, no terms or conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on contracts, orders or copy instructions will be binding on Publisher. Failure of Publisher to enforce any of these provisions shall not be considered a waiver of such provision.

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