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Our UCAS FAQ, answered by our top experts, is a great source of answers to students questions on everything related to the UCAS process and undergraduate admission through the UK universities and colleges admissions service.

UCAS is the way to go for undergraduate admission to undergraduate degree admissions at all UK universities, UK medical schools and colleges and that applies to all academic majors.

As such understanding the intricate details and complexity of the UCAS system including registration, login, application submission, UCAS points, UCAS track, university selection.

We hope that our UCAS FAQ help in furthering your understanding of the whole UCAS system and how it works, through expert answers to your questions.

The more you understand it the bitter decisions your can make and the more likely you’re to succeed in your bachelor degree application and receiving admission from one of the top British universities or medical schools.

UCAS Frequently Answered Questions

When you consider that the process is complicated and highly competitive, to international students, UCAS admission can appear to be a difficult thing to deal with.

This is more so when you consider the many things that students and their parents need to be aware of and thoroughly understand, including UCAS personal statement, strict UCAS deadlines, clearing and much more.

So many things to deal with and understand, many UCAS questions to be answers and issues to be clarified while trying to navigate through UCAS application.

The UCAS frequently asked questions list will address many of the issues and challenges that student face in he process and need clarification on from UniAdmission Education Consultant experts.


Trying to understand the UCAS tariff points system and trying to get a grasp on how it is calculated is time-consuming endeavor for international students, parents and school counselors.

Not having the right answers to your UCAS questions could create more confusion and may lead to making the wrong decisions with regards to the whole admission process. that is a big risk.

But worry not, our UCAS Points FAQ list should help international students and local students find the right answers to their questions specifically to this important topic.

UCAS points are a conversion of high schools grades to a numerical value that is standardized for the purpose of making admission decision by UCAS, UK universities, and UK colleges.

You can get UCAS points by successfully completing an approved and accredited higher secondary qualification. The exam results of your qualification then are converted to a numerical grade point like UCAS points used for the purpose admission.

How much UCAS points will depend on the university or college you’re applying to and the course you wish to study. For example, UK universities have higher UCAS points for MBBS degree admission than for engineering degree admission.

UCAS points are most know to be for British school qualifications such as GCSE, iGCSE, AS Levels, and A-Levels. International students who take different school qualification can calculate the equivalent UCAS points for their school qualifications.

UCAS points need for the university will depend on the university you’re planning to apply to and the course you intend to apply to. Each university has its own UCAS point for their specific courses while others have standard UCAS points for all of their courses. So you need to find out that for each university and the specific course you want to apply to.

There are different ways of finding out UCAS points, it is straightforward for British school qualifications such as iGCSE, AS Level and A-Level as they’re clearly outlined by UCAS on their UCAS points page. If you hold a different high school qualification, our student counselors can help you work out or calculate you UCAS points for your specific qualification.

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