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Check our our study abroad FAQ list to give you answers to some of your questions. Provided by UniAdmission Education Consultant team of experts, we hope you will find the answers you’re looking for and all the support you need to succeed in your admission to top universities, colleges or English schools.

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There is no doubt that studying abroad is a big dream for so many students particularity those who are very ambitious and driven and want to receive the best education in the world, leading to top academic qualifications and consequently better career prospects. This dream becomes reality for those lucky students who are fortunate enough to receive admission from one of the top universities in some of the popular study abroad destinations such as USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Europe, Australia or UAE.

But for that to become a reality. international students have to go through a challenging and stressful process which involves researching, looking for information, asking critical questions and trying to find the right answers for your studying abroad questions, a time consuming process. Our reliable study abroad FAQ aims to deal with those challenges in ways of identifying those most important questions that students need answers to and providing them with accurate answers, supported by up to date information.

Study Abroad Frequently Asked Questions

Our professional and experienced team of student counselors and admission experts prepared a relevant study abroad frequently asked questions providing the most relevant and most accurate answers to each of the questions presented.

We hope that both international students, local students, parents, and sponsors find this beneficial particularly in finding the answers they’re looking for and receive supporting student services including advice and student counseling all from one place.

The following list of frequently asked questions covering all issues and clarifications related to studying abroad including the admission process, course tuition fees, requirements, student visa processing, pre-departure preparations and much more.

Perhaps it is the most important decision but choosing a study destination will depend on many factors, including your academic major, cost, visa issues, and so forth. Our student counselors have extensive knowledge about each study destination, including tuition fees, cost of living, student visa process and the various universities. They will help you choose the most suitable study abroad destination and complete university guide too.

Sure, all the study destinations listed on our website deliver academic programs and university degrees in the medium of English. Even Chinese universities and European universities teach programs to international students in the medium of English too. Note that some of them require TOEFL or IELTS for enrollment on their programs which are taught in English.

Students who wish to study a medical degree can choose to do so at any of the study destinations. The Medical schools’ admission process is lengthy and complicated, medical degree tuition fees is very high too. However, destinations such as Europe and China offer easier admissions process and much cheaper tuition fees, although Chinese universities have the lowest tuition fees for MBBS medicine. Students who wish to study medicine in USA or in the UK need to apply as early as possible.

Study destinations such as China, Malaysia are cheaper in terms of university tuition fees as well as the cost of accommodation rental and cost of living including accommodation rental rates. However, the recent devaluation of the UK currency has made the UK one of the most affordable destinations for students who are looking for world-class university education from some of the best universities in the world.

The US has over 6000 universities and colleges teaching and extensive range of academic disciplines and study majors at all study levels. Those include diplomas,
all bachelor degrees, best master degrees, and doctoral degrees. Whatever major students are looking to study, most certainly can be found at one of the American universities or college. This is followed by the UK where it offers a wide range of disciplines and majors to cover almost any field of study.

When it comes to processing a student visa, one of the most critical challenges in the time it takes to receive their student visa. The faster visa approval time is UAE visa, bet it Dubai visa or Abu Dhabi visa. This is followed by the UK which has an efficient and fast study visa processing time. Considering all the documents are complete and the visa application has been submitted correctly the student visa should be issued fast from both destinations.

Many students wonder how to study abroad successfully and where to start in a process that can be challenging and confusing specially for international students. The process vary from one study destination to another and the type of university or college as well as the study major or academic major. However the following is a general steps on how to study abroad:

1- Research and identify the study abroad destination you would like to travel to
2- Choose a suitable university or college that has the academic major you want to study
3- Make sure your academic credentials and grades meet the institution’s admission criteria
4- Prepare well and be clear about the admission requirements for the specific universities or colleges you intend to apply to. This will include all the academic certificates, IELTS or TOEFL, other documents documents such as passport copy, academic references, CV or resume, personal statement or admission essay.
5- Plan early and submit your admission application before the set admissions deadline.
6- Once you receive your letter of admission, you’re required to accept the admissions offer and then pay the course tuition fees deposit through online money transfer.
7- You will receive your study visa sponsorship letter or number such as i20 for USA, CAS for UK, CoE for Australia, which you will need to submit your visa application to the nearest consulate.
8- Book your student accommodation or dorm and make sure you receive your lease contract to sign and return to the student accommodation office along with the lease reservation deposit.
9- Book your flight, reach your study abroad destination, enroll at the registrar office, receive your student card and attend your classes.

Happy and successful study abroad experience.

Your Study Abroad Questions Answered

UniAdmission Education Consultancy has over 15 years of overseas education consulting experience and access to a large network of top universities, medical schools, colleges, English institutes and IELTS perpetration centers.

This extensive experience is backed by a strong team of professional student counselors and admission experts who are capable of answering your study abroad questions, provide trusted advice and student counseling on face to face or over the phone.

So if you’re an international student and have questions need answering but can’t find the answer to your specific questions in our study abroad FAQ list, do not hesitate to contact UniAdmission Education Consulting team right away.

You can also send us your studying abroad questions through completing our online inquiry form or you could simply send your questions to UniAdmission WhatsApp number and one of our experts will respond to you as soon as possible.

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