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The university admissions process and getting in is one of the most important and yet most challenging steps in any student’s life. It is so important that its outcome can dramatically impact their educational goals, career direction and whole future. Universities have different admission requirements, application deadlines, long online applications and often lengthy and complex admission decision making process.

In light of that you need to think before you apply to university directly; what if you make a mistake on your application or leave important information out or miss essential documents or miss the application deadline? Consequence could be straight out rejection. Are you really welling to take such a big risk with your university admission and concurrently your whole future?

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UniAdmission is the go to place for students looking to study abroad at high ranking universities in the UK, USA, Canada or Australia. Our team of education consultants works tirelessly to prepare the ideal study plan and faultless applications to ensure every student gets into the University of their Choice.

Our proven process starts with developing a thorough understanding of students’ educational goals and career aspirations, providing them with the answers they need to make the right choices. UniAdmission’s primary objective is to help students accomplish their study abroad goals starting with helping them get into top universities for the study level they desire, be it foundation, bachelor, master, MBA, or PhD in any major.

In addition we help students with booking professional training, IT Courses and professional education programs such as CPA, ACCA, ACA, ACCA Global, as well as pre-university programs including USMLE, English courses, TOEFL and IELTS preparation courses.

Our university admissions process adheres to the regulatory environment of each study abroad destination, UK, USA Canada or Australia, and is compliant with all immigration authorities be it UKVI, SEVIS, ETA or CIC Canada.
Our education consultants are qualified and knowledgeable in the complete university admissions process and can guarantee qualified students admission to some of the best universities in the world. All offers of acceptance we provide meet the specific needs of government sponsors and scholarship providers accordingly. Students, parents and government sponsors can all rest assured that our level of attention to detail is unmatched and always results in students being accepted at accredited universities.