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Masters Degree Admission

Successful masters degree admission at one of the top universities, medical schools, community colleges or private colleges in any of the popular study abroad destinations is just the start of a successful higher education opportunity for truly ambitious people who want up up their career prospects.

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Graduating with a postgraduate qualification be it MSc degree which is a master of science, MA degree which is a master of arts, LLM, PGCE or PGDip will pave the way to a much better career prospects, access to more job opportunities and higher earnings potential. However it doesn’t come without its challenges, because applying for a Master’s degree and receiving a university acceptance requires a lot of hard work.

Applying for your master’s course is a challenge not only from choosing a the right academic major, but also the decision on a suitable university and a study destination. Then you would have to deal with the complexity of the postgraduate admission process, which lengthy and time consuming which make it feel quite overwhelming for most international students.

That’s why we’re here, to use our long standing expertise and in-depth knowledge in postgraduate admission to help students with any of those challenges that they may face and give them the perfect solutions. Here at UniAdmission Education Consultant, we provide you with everything you’ll need in order to have a successful master degree Admission. Supported and provided by a professional team of student counselors.

Our graduate admission experts will help you choose the most suitable universities that suit your needs and match your academic credentials and career aspirations when you graduate. They will ensure it is one of the reputable and prestigious universities, and yet affordable for international students in terms of course tuition fees and cost of living.

Master Admission Counseling

At a postgraduate level, career counseling is based on a well-prepared study plan that allows students to graduate with the ideal master qualification that sets them for a successful career. Our career development experts have the skills to guide graduate students and point them to the right path in attaining the best qualifications for a successful career in the long term.

The benefits are clear, a master degree helps in enhancing your career prospects and gaining deeper knowledge in your field of work. Not only will you gain more knowledge, but you’ll also have a higher earning potential, gaining you more benefits in your line of job.

If you harbor some doubts about taking up graduate studies because of all the intricacies to think of, then let our expert counselors ease your worries and guide you through the entire process. UniAdmission impartial advice and individually focused student counseling is available to international and local students with information sessions to help in deciding which master’s program, field of study can be best for you and at which university you can pursue.

Our professional career counselling team are qualified in guiding students in their career planning and based on it configure a perfect study plan their master postgraduate study plan to match their long-term career aspirations, and choose graduate study majors that will add value to their future.

Masters Admission Expertise

We understand that taking up a postgraduate study can be such a big step. In fact, it’s a pretty bold move because getting into one of the top universities can be a lot of hard work. But worry not, we can get you into your favorite universities regardless of what grades you have, furthermore We can even complete your postgraduate admission without providing GMAT or GRE score.

We do this by correctly advising you and guiding you on how to prepare the masters admission requirements, write a good personal statement and IELTS registration. Although we’re able to start the admissions process without IELTS or TOEFL.

Following that our team of admissions counselors prepare the perfect admission applications, submit each of them all to our contact points at each of the chosen universities or medical schools, where they’re swiftly handled by the university admissions departments and subsequently the offers of acceptance or admission letters are issued fast.

With our expert help, ongoing support throughout the entire graduate admissions process, international students and local students can find comfort in the fact that their admissions application and study visa requirements are being handled by our caring team of student counselors.

Graduate Admission Requirements

Although the admission requirements will vary depending on the type of university you choose, the major and the attendance whether full time or online masters degree however the main admissions criteria is to have an honours degree with a acceptable GPA from an approved university of college.

Some universities such as America universities, Canada Universities, and top UK universities, may in some cases request additional documents such as a personal statement for university admission or standardized tests such GMAT score, GRE score or the LSAT. Below is a list of the admission requirements:

  • High School Certificates
  • Bachelor degree certificate
  • Bachelor degree transcript
  • Tow academic reference letters
  • CV: all qualifications & experience
  • Personal statement (400 words)
  • IELTS, Pearson, TOEFL (if available)
  • Passport copy (2 page full spread)

No matter what postgraduate degree you wish to study be it masters in data science, masters in education, masters in psychology, masters in finance, masters in real estate, UniAdmission Student Counselors will provide you with the best support that leads to successful university degree admission.

Postgraduate Admission Process

Postgraduate admissions is typically lengthy process, somewhat daunting devour, can be complicated and major influenced and dependent on the academic major, the university ranking and specific study destination. With so many options to choose from, international students can find it all confusing, particularly when you think about the long application forms they have to fill and submit before the admission deadlines close.

The great news is that, there is help at hand, UniAdmission Education Consultant has developed a working formula and a proven process that leads to successful admission for all types of masters including MSc, MA, MEd, MBA or PGCE. Further more and to support students in their ambitions and great endeavor of studying abroad at top universities and colleges, we’ve streamlined our graduate admission process with the following simple steps:

  • 1
    Complete our masters admission application online
  • 2
    Compress your documents into one file and upload
  • 3
    We process your application and submit to universities
  • 4
    We follow up until the universities approve the admission
  • 5
    We will then process your student visa sponsorship letter
  • 5
    We email you, your visa sponsorship & admission letters
UniAdmission student counsellor explaining master admission process to two students

With the extensive experience our postgraduate admission team has, international students have the comfort and reassurance in knowing that their postgraduate application is processed perfectly from end to end. While we do all the hard work, students can free their time for focusing on their studies, their travel to the new study destination and dream about the graduation day and a whole new successful career coming in their way.

Why UniAdmission for your masters admission!

Custom Support System: When it comes to supporting students, we make sure that we provide solid support. Our support system is custom made to fit the needs and wants of our individual students.

Master Admission Expertise: With regard to admission, we provide solid and impartial advice regarding Visa regulations, degree programs, tuition fees, and more. Since we are not in any way affiliated with any school, we are guaranteed to be transparent and unbiased.

Graduate Level Counseling: Our counseling services cover not only the academic aspect but also the career aspect and personal aspect of your life. That way, you can become a well-
rounded person who is goal-oriented and career-driven.

Professional Master’s Placements: University placement services allow you to know what university is most suited for you and your skills. We’ll also provide you with all the forms and requirements you need for admission.

Apply For Masters Admission

So now that you know the fact and discovered UniAdmission Education Consultant expertise and how we can help you, why don’t go ahead and submit your master degree admission application online right here. This way you get all the advantages we have to offer including faster university acceptance, support with your student visa process and potentially a partial scholarship to reduce your master degree tuition fees.

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