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Thousands of international students choose to study in Canada every year and thousands of people choose to migrate to Canada while some like to get best of both worlds by combining both canada immigration and education together. Canada is a very popular study abroad destinations for high quality education and world renowned universities and English schools.

Toronto skyline where many students study in Canada

Many Canadian cities like Toronto, Victoria in British Columbia, Montreal, Vancouver and Nova Scotia has been delegated as the cities with the best reputation, ranked as the best place to live and the best place to study too. With over 250,000 international students traveling to study in Canada every year, is prove of how popular it is.

Not only does it boast an excellent educational system with over 90% of graduates in Canada are employed in their field of expertise within just 6 months from graduation. With its high academic standards and rigorous quality controls, international students in canada can expect high quality teaching, reputable higher education institutions, thriving economy and strong job market, which brings greater benefits for those who are fortunate enough to have access to canada immigration opportunities and amazing education Canada system.

Moreover, the United Nations consistently ranks Canada among the happiest and safest place to live for international students and local students. Studying in Canada provides the same freedom and liberty that protects Canadians. In addition, as bilingual country with English and French languages being used in all official processes making it a world leader in language training.

Education Canada

In partnership with the best universities in Canada and education Canada, We are the leading education consultant to help students to study in Canada. Supported by a team of student counselors who are experts in helping students receive admission at top Canada universities. We can process student Canada visa successfully and speedily in compliance with Canada immigration rules.

  • Student Counseling by qualified student counselors who are specifically experts in Education Canada.
  • University Admissions maximizes students chances of receiving admission from Canadian universities and colleges.
  • Canada Visa Processing by our visa team who help students receive their Canada visa from Canada immigration faster.
  • Canada Immigration Service to help students who want to study and migrate to Canada receive full services from one place.
  • Our student advisors help students relate their educational program to next steps and future success. This early planning by our expert counselors and career counseling helps prepare students for the challenges of the future by supporting their educational goals and career aspirations.

Not only does Education Canada promote and boast excellent education system but over 90% of its graduates are employed in their field of expertise within just 6 months from graduation.

This is truly impressive considering the challenging and competitive global job market, that fresh graduates face when they graduate and start searching for good job opportunities.

Study in Canada Cost

Although the quality and standards of living in Canada is among the world’s best, students’ cost of living and canada university fees are considered to be lower when compared to other countries such as that of the United States and the United Kingdom.

It is not only a nation of tolerance, accepting other cultures, but welcomes international students with open arms, allowing them the greatest opportunities in terms of education at highly affordable universities in canada makes it such realistic possibility for many students with limited funds.

Canada flag and mortarboard representing study in Canada cost

Study in Canada Opportunities

The majority of the universities and medical schools in canada are public institutions and funded by the Canadian Government which makes them more affordable for international students. whether you wish to study PhD in Canada, MBA in canada, master, bachelor or foundation year, Canadian universities offer an extensive range of academic majors at all student levels.

Both the Canadian Government and the universities welcome international students and allow them the opportunity to study, work and migrate to Canada once they have an approved student visa. Study in Canada to benefit from solid higher education, great life style and the opportunity of immigration to Canada.

Best Canada Education Consultant

UniAdmission is the best canada education consultant and first choice offering complete package tailored specifically to study in canada for international students. Out Canada package includes all the services you need including student counseling, university admission, and accommodation booking. Our certified student counselors have been trained to fully comply with Education Canada department and the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Furthermore as one of the best Canada student visa consultants, UniAdmission team of experts know all the regulations, rules, the ins and outs of Canada student visa including completing the perfect Canada visa application and training students on their consulate visa interview. This guarantees faster visa approval for all students dealing with us.

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