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If you’re planning to study in Canada for bachelor degree, master degree, PhD or English course, then you’ve come to the right place. MyLearning Education Consultant is the leading expert, trusted for providing the best student services for those who want to study abroad.

MyLearning Education Consultant student counselors help students receive their admission at top Canadian universities, colleges, English schools and maximize your Canada visa approval.

Our student services are offered by our qualified and experienced student counselors who are trained by the Education Canada department and approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

With over 25% of Canada students having an immigrant background reflecting the reality that Canada is a welcoming nation, very friendly with international students and has a highly accepting and tolerant culture.

For three consecutive years, Canada has been ranked as the country in the world for excellent lifestyle, government facilities and services as well as top educational opportunities.

It was also ranked as the best place to live and the best place to study. With over 200,000 international students every year, Canada is an exciting place to be in. PhD in Canada, MBA in Canada, education Canada.

Education Canada

In partnership with the best universities in Canada and education Canada, We are the best education consultant to help students to study in Canada.

Supported by a team of student counselors who are experts in helping students receive admission at top Canada universities. We can process student Canada visa successfully and speedily in compliance with Canada immigration rules.

  • Student Counseling by qualified student counselors who are specifically experts in Education Canada
  • University Admissions maximizes students chances of receiving admission from Canadian universities and colleges
  • Canada Visa Processing by our visa team who help students receive their Canada visa from Canada immigration faster
  • Canada Immigration Service to help students who want to study and migrate to Canada receive full services from one place

Not only does Education Canada promote and boast excellent education system but over 90% of its graduates are employed in their field of expertise within just 6 months from graduation.

This is truly impressive considering the challenging and competitive global job market, that fresh graduates face when they graduate and start searching for good job opportunities.

Study in Canada Opportunities

The majority of the universities and medical schools in Canada are public institutions and funded by the Canadian Government which makes them more affordable for international students. In addition they offer an extensive range of academic majors at all student levels including international foundation, diploma, bachelor , master, and PhD.

Both the Canadian Government and the universities welcome international students and allow them the opportunity to work and migrate to Canada through their study visa. Study in Canada to benefit from solid higher education, great life style and the opportunity of immigration to Canada. Universities in Canada are mostly government institutions and offer degrees at bachelor, master and PhD level.

Canada visa is easy to process and allow students to work while studying. The economy is strong and therefore jobs in Canada are not difficult to find. Students who graduate from Canadian universities can stay on the basis of Canada immigration.

Study in Canada Admission

UniAdmission student counselors are experts in Canada Education and can help students get into top Canadian universities, Canadian medical schools and to study English in Canada. In addition our student visa experts are the best for processing the Canadian visa and ensure faster approval and issuance. There is also support for on-campus dorms booking.

Impartial student counseling by top study abroad experts
UniAdmission Professional Team

Impartial student counseling by top study abroad experts