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Our admission approach makes the whole process of studying abroad and receiving acceptance from top universities, medical schools, colleges and English schools so much easier for international students and local students.

The fastest way to apply for admission to the undergraduate degree, master’s degree, graduate degrees and pre-university such as foundation year, international year one and premaster.

Whether you’re planning to study international foundation, bachelor degree, master degree, MBA, PhD or an English course for IELTS, we can help you receive your admission faster.

Our process is compatible with UCAS system, Common application, US college application, and will always result in successful admission regardless of what grades you have.

Our student counselors are experts in undergrad admission and graduate admission, including bachelor, MBBS, master, MBA, DBA, PhD at all universities in USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and Dubai.

In addition, we process admission for summer camps and English courses at top English schools in all popular study abroad destinations.

Admission Meaning

Admission meaning is the process of applying for admission to university, college or school, which submitting an application along with complete documents and certificates.

Although some admission applications are PDF forms, progressively most educational institutions are moving to an online application system, because it is more efficient and more practical.

Once the admission application is submitted it normally goes to the admission team, for international students, it goes to the international office or international department.

The process duration and decision turnaround time vary for different universities, the various study abroad destinations and the academic major students apply for.

Naturally, the process for MBBS or architecture takes longer than that for business or engineering major. Admission for PhD takes much longer than for other graduate programs.

Submitting complete documents, certificates and making sure the admission application is filled correctly with all the right information will help speed up the whole process.

Admission Open Year-Round

One of the key advantages that MyLearning Education Consultant offers to local students and international students is the admission open all year round opportunity.

This is valuable for students who may have missed the intake or have not had the chance to apply through the traditional process and need admission faster at an unusual date.

We make the admission open process accessible to all students who choose to deal with us and trust us for studying abroad including university acceptance, enrollment process, student visa and their dorm booking.

Guaranteed Admissions

Submit your admission application here for total peace of mind that your acceptance letter will reach you fast and reap all the benefits MyLearning Education Consultant has to offer.

Our qualified team of student counselors follow a proven process that is professional, efficient and without a doubt the fastest way to receive your acceptance from top universities, colleges or English schools.

Whether you’re looking for acceptance through a direct application, the common app or submitting the perfect UCAS application, MyLearning perfected process provide admission guarantee for every student.

Undergraduate Admission

Undergrad admission guarantee for foundation, international diploma or bachelor degree

Postgraduate Admission

undergrad admission guarantee for premaster, PGCE, MBA or master degree

Doctorate Admission

Faster admission for doctorate degrees including DBA, PhD, MEd, MPharm, and more.

English Admission

Best English courses: academic English, IELTS preparation, summer camps

Proven Admission Process

Find out how MyLearning team carefully and caringly select the most suitable universities, colleges or English schools specifically to meet your needs and matching your educational goals.

Our proven process backed by a team of qualified student counselors and admission experts allows us to be the most efficient educational consultant in the world, with the fastest turnaround time.

That level of efficiency is complemented by continued student support from the start of the admission process all the way to the completion including acceptance, study visa and student accommodation too.

To meet the unique needs of our culturally aware customers be it, students, parents, school counselors or government sponsors, our education agency employs a professionally trained team.

Our team consists of highly qualified student counselors, admission experts, visa specialist, and administrators, who are dedicated to students success in their education.

They cohesively and closely co-operate together, working long and hard to facilitate the most optimum method founded on a perfectly proven admission process, to make sure you get into the best universities possible.

Whether it is English course, summer camp, undergraduate degree or postgraduate degree you wish to study, go ahead and submit your admission application here for a faster acceptance.

Simplified Process

Our attentive and faultless application preparation coupled with our proven process result in successful acceptance for every student that deals with us and consists of three main steps:

  • STEP 1 : Complete our online admission application
  • STEP 2 : Upload your documents as compressed file
  • STEP 3 : We process your application for admissions
  • STEP 4 : Receive your letters of acceptance by email

So, if you’re serious about studying abroad at top university, medical college or English school and an acceptance letter fast, you’ve come to the right place, MyLearning is the best admission consultancy for you.

University Admission Center

MyLearning is an approved universities admissions center, formally appointed by the best universities in the world, medical colleges and English language schools at top study abroad destinations.

We encourage you to use our resources and submit your admission application here, however, if you feel you still need further help or assistance feel free to contact MyLearning Education Consultant team for FREE student counseling and advice.

They will be more than happy to hear from you and provide you with all the support and guidance you need including processing your admission application in an efficient and timely manner.

In the meantime if you have any questions check our reliable admission frequently asked questions for quick and easy answers to any of your questions that related to getting into top universities, colleges, English schools and the perfect admission process and requirements.

Impartial student counseling by top study abroad experts
UniAdmission Professional Team

Impartial student counseling by top study abroad experts