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UniAdmission student services are comprehensive and handled and managed by qualified student counselors who are experts in all aspects of the study abroad services from undergraduate admission, postgraduate admission, doctorate admission, English courses to summer camp programs and more.

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Find all you need to study abroad from one place with a professional team providing hassle-free process with total peace of mind. We provide a complete study abroad services package covers all the student services you need to study abroad successfully including student counseling, admission application processing, receiving your letters of acceptance, study visa processing, student accommodation booking and pre-departure guidance.

Our team of student counselors present a truly unique synthesis of human intelligence, extensive expertise, in-depth knowledge, and a proven process that leads to successful results for all students dealing with us. Combined together our professional study abroad services enable students to make better decisions on their educational choices and receive faster admission from top universities colleges or English schools.

Quality Student Services

UniAdmission advantage guarantees success as you deal with the best education consultant that has all the expertise any student needs to study abroad and reap the benefits that we have to offer including the following:

  • Trained Student Counselors provide trusted student counseling
  • Impartial Approach with focus on student’s individual needs
  • Faultless Application maximizes your chance of getting accepted
  • Proven Process guarantees successful admission at top universities
  • One-Stop Shop integrated package of all the study abroad services

Our impartial approach and relentless effort to achieve the best outcome for each student who deals with us stems from our strong belief in that students’ interest comes first and foremost. This is why every student who deals with us receives fast admission in a suitable place of study and receives their acceptance letter, visa sponsorship letter and study visa approval faster.

UniAdmission reliable student services for University and college admission, UCAS apply & track, study visa, has a proven record of getting students into the best universities in the world. Furthermore UniAdmission team provided the highest level of support and consistency that is unrivaled in the education world. Your success is truly top priority for us.

Complete Study Abroad Services

This is why thousands of students trust UniAdmission education consultant to take care of their complete study abroad services and needs and keep recommending it highly to their friends and everyone around them. Whatever degree or course you have in mind, whatever university or college you wish to study at, our team of education consultants and visa experts work cohesively to provide best student services to help you succeed.

UniAdmission is the best common app expert and UCAS agent, and has partnered with a large network of international universities, colleges and English schools in top study abroad destinations to help students achieve their educational dreams. Our university placement service is supported by a highly qualified team of admission counsellors who work relentlessly to help every student receive their acceptance letter faster and with total peace of mind.

Student Services List

Our comprehensive student services cover every aspect and every single service international students need to succeed in their endeavor to study abroad at top universities, colleges or English schools. What makes it the best for students is that it is managed and handled by a team of student counselor who is qualified, experienced and eager to help students succeed.

Student Counseling

Receive impartial student counseling from our team of qualified study abroad consultants. Our truthful, reliable education advice helps students make better and more informed decisions on their educational opportunities.

Career Counselling

Our professional career counsellors have the right expertise to advise students and guide them in choosing the most suitable study majors and study minors based on a well prepared career counselling plan, which perfectly match their future career aspirations.

Personal Statement for University

The personal statement for university admission similar to study abroad essay is essential for admission at top universities and medical schools. Our expert writers can help you perfect your personal statement, and customize it for successful admission at top universities and colleges.

Authorization Letter Samples

Do you need help with writing an authorization letter such as authorization letter sample or or authorization letter format ? If yes, UniAdmission are experts in and can provide you with the best and most professional writing service and support you need.

Fast University Admission

UniAdmission provides the best university admission process leading to successful acceptance from top universities, colleges, medical schools and English language institutes with all the study abroad services you need to support you in your education and starting your classes.

PhD Degree Admission

With extensive experience and partnership with top research led universities UniAdmission is uniquely positioned to submit the most perfect PhD applications, and complete the process and follow up that leads to successful PhD admission and receiving your offers of acceptance much faster.

Master's Degree Admission

Our qualified team of educational consultants are the best for your master degree admission including premaster, postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma, PGCE education, MEd, MSc degree or MA degree and more. So go ahead and apply for admission now.

MBA Admissions

We are the best education consultant for processing your MBA applications and securing the university offers of acceptance much faster from some of the best business schools in the world which offer the most popular MBA majors leading to a more successful career progression at top companies and conglomerates.

PGCE Education Admission

Facilitating the process of admission and university acceptance for experienced teachers and fresh graduates who want to earn the most prestigious teaching qualification in the world from top UK universities including University of Leeds. Apply for PGCE education admission now.

Bachelor Degree Admission

The UniAdmission student services team is your best option for all undergraduate degree admission for all academic majors and all fields of fields including MBBS. It is the fastest way to receive admission for bachelor degree, be it full time, part time, online bachelor's degree or top up degree.

MBBS Admissions

Studying medicine at top universities and graduating as a doctor will give you a prestigious medical career for life. UniAdmission Education Consultant is guaranteed to maximize your chance of receiving your MBBS admission from the best medical schools in the world.

International Foundation Year

UniAdmission partnered with top pathway providers including Kaplan, Into higher, Navitas, Cambridge Education Group, Study Group, kings colleges to make the international foundation year admission easier and faster for. Foundation year has guaranteed progression to bachelor degree major at top universities in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and more.

Study Credits Transfer

UniAdmission study abroad consultant is expert in managing study credits transfer and converting both the online college credits and senior college credits towards any top up degree. Students will transfer to a shorter 2-year degree or one-year top up bachelor degree.

UCAS Track

As one of the best UK education consultants, with extensive expertise in UK university admissions, and official UCAS agent, UniAdmission is the ideal choice for processing your UCAS application and UCAS track follow-up and updates.

Common App

UniAdmission is the best study abroad consultant for processing the most perfect common app which is guaranteed to maximize students admission at top universities in USA for any degree majors. You can submit the online application on our website to request the common application processing for more US universities including UC application for faster acceptance.

English Course Booking

UniAdmission Education Consultant provides access to the best English courses at top English schools in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Dubai including general English, academic English, business English, pre-sessional English, IELTS practice courses and summer camps.

IELTS Practice Courses

Helping students find the best IELTS practice courses and experts in booking the IELTS registration at approved testing centers including UKVI IELTS, IDP IELTS or the British Council IELTS exams, much faster all year round.

IELTS Registration

Do you need IELTS exam booking? We’re the best choice for your IELTS registration process. Be it IDP, British Council or UKVI IELTS you need, we can find a suitable date at the best-approved test center to help you achieve better IELTS results for sure.

Summer Camp Booking

Access to the best summer camps and summer courses for young learners in some of the best studying abroad destinations including UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Dubai. Most affordable summer camp booking for your kids.

eLearning Courses

People who are keen on studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree but can’t attend full time, can stuy online, or a distance course or eLearning program from top universities and colleges. So if you’re interested, go ahead and apply for eLearning admission now.

Dormitory Student Accommodation

Finding safe and clean accommodation can be challenging, due to the shortage of dorm rooms. Our student counselors are experts in identifying the most suitable student accommodation and booking it for you faster and safer.

Student Visa Processing

Our study visa team has extensive expertise in perfecting and processing applications for the US visa, UK Visa, Canadian Visa, Australia visa, Dubai visa, resulting in faster student visa approve and training students for their consulate interview

Airport Transfers

Arriving safely at your study destination is made easier and more convenient with our professional airport waiting and transfer service and transfer to your student accommodation in a timely and professional manner.

Top Study Abroad Consultant

UniAdmission is one of the best education consultants in Dubai and in the region helping students get into the best universities, medical colleges and top English schools at the most popular study abroad destinations including USA, Canada, UK, IReland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the UAE.

Our qualified team of student counselors follow a proven process that is professional, efficient and without a doubt the fastest way to receive your acceptance from top universities, colleges or English schools. Whether you’re looking for acceptance through a direct application, the common app or submitting the perfect UCAS application, UniAdmission perfected process provide admission guarantee for every student.

If you’re looking for a professional visa consulting agency, then you have come to the right place as UniAdmission a top visa consultant with extensive knowledge and expertise in processing the study visa and coaching on consulate interview. This results in faster student visa approval and issuance.

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