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Student Dormitory

On campus and near campus university dormitory is perfect choice for international students who are looking for safe, convenient and comfortable student accommodation and also want to experience a true university life and reap the amazing benefits that a university campus environment brings.

Dorm accommodation tends to house a melting pot of local students and international students who come study from from all over the world. Here is where students have a chance to exchange ideas, experiences and engage in multicultural learning opportunities whilst being immersed in a truly international university lifestyle.

UniAdmission dorm company takes care of every facet of your international university experience and needs including your student accommodation selection and booking. Let us help you find the best and book your dormitory room now.

Dormitory Options

The university dorms accommodation both on campus or off campus must be booked well in advance and is normally reserved for the full 9-month academic year and requires a deposit payment as well as a yearly dormitory contract to be signed by the student in advance for the dorm booking to be confirmed.

There university dormitory comes with all utility services included and that includes electricity, water, heating and air conditioning and comes with many options available for international students to choose from which include the following:

  • Mixed dorm
  • Boys dorm
  • Girls dorm
  • Single dorm room
  • Shared dorm room
  • Studio apartment dorm
  • On-Campus accommodation
  • Off-Campus accommodation
  • Private accommodation

Additional services are normally provides including self-catering, catering including, wifi internet connection, access to the online university resource, TV connection, and much more. The student dorm facility is secured, monitored round the clock which makes it the safest options for international students especially in their first year or freshman year.

Dorms Stay Benefits

Dormitory room living environment further helps to develop students’ interpersonal and learning skills and expand their cultural horizon. Not to mention the added advantage of being close to all the essential on-campus amenities, student housing facilities and university resources such as the library, computer labs, science labs, the student union and the sports centre.

Often referred to as university halls of residence or university housing, this kind of student accommodation venues are normally located in close proximity to the university campus and prove highly convenient in terms of daily commute times and the time saved traveling to and from attending daily classes.

Homestay Accommodation

Students who travel to study any English courses abroad can choose homestay, which is living in a house with a native English speaking family close to their English language school. The homestay family provides the international student with their own room, shared bathroom, one kitchen cupboard, one shelf in the fridge and two daily meals which are normally breakfast and dinner. 

The homestay housing arrangements and booking is normally done through the English language school accommodation office which select a suitable family, sign the accommodation contract and receive the rental deposit payment required for confirming the homestay room. The room rent includes all bills and can be paid on a monthly installment basis. 

UniAdmission is the best homestay finder for international students who are looking for a trusted education consultant to help them find the most suitable dormitory or homestay accommodation with a suitable english speaking family and closest the English school with reasonable rental price.

Dorms Booking Agent

It is often challenging for international students to book their own dormitory accommodation because of the limited dorm room availability, unsuitable locations, tight booking deadlines, complicated rental contracts and unclear payment structures. Another big risk is that many students miss the booking deadline and end up with no room at all and have to opt for private accommodation.

UniAdmission is a professional and official dormitory agency helping international students in their search for safe and suitable university and college housing. Our dorms consultant team have extensive experience and knowledge in all types of housing, so they will clarify dorm options, facilities, pricing, payment plans and will help you choose most suitable and affordable accommodation that is clean, safe, and close to your campus.

We as the best dorm agent will also take care of the complex booking process including the dormitory contract and rental deposits. Our ultimate goal is to help you find the right student housing making your study abroad experience as pleasurable as possible. So go ahead and contact UniAdmission or complete our online booking form now.

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