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Generally International students must first obtain a student visa before they can travel abroad for their university degree or English language study. The nonimmigrant visa category is determined by the type of course and academic institution the student plans to join. The visa allows students to freely travel and study abroad, for example, students wishing to study in USA need a USA visa, those wishing to study in Canada need Canadian visa while those wishing to study in UK need a visa for UKand so forth.

The visa application is normally lengthy, complex, contains unfamiliar codes and requires specific information input, which is not always clear to students. Travel visas in general are subject to firm government regulations that need to be thoroughly understood and strictly adhered to in order to make a successful visa application. Embassies like the UK embassy, American Embassy or Canadian Embassy expect students to visit the respective visa office for completing the biometrics process and conducting a short interview, which in turn can add to students’ destress.

Visa requirements will vary depending on your study level or the country you’re travelling to. In most of the popular study abroad destinations the universities themselves act as the visa sponsor, in which case they must issue a visa sponsorship number to the student. For example CAS number for UK visa, CoE for Australian visa, i20 for USA visa and Canadian visa.

With that in mind the visa process can be confusing, time consuming and challenging to get right. One simple mistake on your visa application or simply submitting the wrong documents can result in visa rejection. It is devastating to have your student visa rejected especially after having gone through a lengthy university admission process and the excitement of being accepted to top universities.

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Taking a risk with your student visa is the last thing you would want to do. This is why so many students choose to come to UniAdmission, not only for education consultation but for advice and guidance on their student visa. To help students avoid this risk, UniAdmission offers a complete visa processing service comprised of five key steps

Step One

Our visa specialist and student counselors assist students in the process of obtaining the relevant visa sponsorship number such as i20, CAS or CoEin full compliance with the regulatory authorities such as SEVIS for the USA or UKVIfor the UK. This is essential requirement before the visa application can be prepared and submitted to the relevant consulate such as UK consulate or American consulate or Canadian Consulate and so forth.

Step Two

We help students correctly and expertly prepare the required visa documents, no tolerance for mistakes here. Without the correct documentation the visa will be rejected. This is why our visa experts ensure that you have all the correct documentation before submitting your visa application. Whatever your situation is we have all the bases covered.

Step Three

Our visa consultants know how to prepare and complete the best visa application. It is patiently reviewed and audited, then submitted in full compliance with the visa regulations of the specific visa consulate or embassy you’re applying to. Our experts completed thousands of online applications in the past and know exactly how to make a perfect application. You can trust them with your application too.

Step Four

Making the appointment can be a daunting task for many students, since often there is a long waiting time and sometimes too late to make it to the start of your semester which can be devastating to students.Our visa advisors know all the tricks and ways to get you an early appointment that guarantees you the best opportunity to get your visa in time to travel and start your classes.

Step Five

Our student counselors will prepare you for the embassy interview including purpose of your interview, what to expect during the interview, what kind of questions you will be asked and will give you expert training on how best to answer those questions. There is no better feeling than being prepared and confident on the day.

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What makes us different is that we know it all, the university requirements and criteria, application deadlines, visa sponsorship process, visa requirements and regulations, biometrics, interview preparation and much more. At UniAdmission, you will have your entire visa processing needs taken care of from one place by trained experts who know exactly what they are doing. It is our years of experience, consistency and passion for what we do that lead thousands of students to trust UniAdmission with their visa application. You can trust us too and get the full benefit by contacting UniAdmission now.