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The IELTS exam consists of four parts which are taken on the same day or separate days depending on the center where you take your IELTS exam. The student is tested for those four parts or bands as they are often referred to.The reason why they are important is because universities and colleges determine the minimum score students must achieve in each band to be admissible for the course they intend to study. Those four bands are:

  • IELTS speaking: Tests students level of proficiency in spoken English
  • IELTS listening: Tests students level of proficiency in listening skills
  • IELTS reading: Tests students level of proficiency in listening skills
  • IELTS writing: Tests students level of proficiency in reading English

IELTS Online Test

Unfortunately, there is no official or accepted IELTS online which can issue a formal or approved IELTS certificate that international universities and medical schools would accept. Students must take their IELTS exam in one of the British Council approved exam centers or one of the UKVI approved centers for running the UKVI IELTS test.

The IELTS online test should be done purely for IELTS practice only and to get familiar with the questions, test methods, and timing. On the day of the exam, remember to take with you an original ID like a passport or national ID card and to be on the safe side make sure to arrive at least half an hour before the test time.

IELTS Results

Why are IELTS results so important you may ask! Well, that is because universities and colleges worldwide expect international students to take the exam and achieve a high score in the IELTS exam. So the IELTS results will determine whether the student receive unconditional acceptance letter for the course they want to study. 

The English proficiency requirement will vary from universities to another and study destination to another. However the following is a general guideline for the scores required in order to gain admission to various degree levels at most universities and colleges:

  • Foundation year: IELTS score required is 4.00-5.00
  • Bachelor Degree: average IELTS score required is 6.0
  • MBBS Degree: average IELTS score required is 7.0
  • Master Degree: average IELTS score required is 6.5
  • PGCE Education: average IELTS score requires is 6.00
  • USMLE Course: average IELTS score requires is 6.00
  • PhD Degree: average IELTS score required is 6.5-7.00
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IELTS Exam Practice

So if you feel you need to practice more and prepare better for your IELTS test, UniAdmission is the perfect education consultant to help you find the most suitable IELTS course and IELTS training programs at the best English language institutes in UK, USA, Canada, Australia or the UAE.

Id you’re an international student or local student, we can help you in many ways including your IELTS registration or IELTS booking at testing centers that are approved by the British council and the UKVI for UK university admission and UK visa processing.

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