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University Ranking Tables

The world university ranking is normally conducted annually and published by globally recognized and highly credible ranking bodies and organizations using a structured assessment criteria and methodologies.

yLearning Education Consultant is a trusted source of information on university ranking and college ranking league tables which are sourced from world-renowned and highly regarded ranking organization.

The league tables are comprehensive and presented by country, region and study major, which we hope will help students and parents develop more clarity and reduce the confusion on the various sources for each university ranking system.

Our complete university guide is supported by a team of student counselors who have the right knowledge to guide students through choosing the most suitable universities for them in the most favorite study abroad destinations

University Ranking System

Although there are many organizations conducting assessment and publish their own university ranking data, we recommend certain league tables and evaluation reports that are seen to be reliable.

The following is a list of the most popular and most widely used university league tables to help students with their choices for the purpose of admission and, it happens to be the most popular too:

  • QS Top Universities offers most extensive listing and reviews for all league tables
  • Guardian University League Table focus on students experience and campus life
  • Times University League Tables focus on UK university ranking overall, by major
  • Research Excellence Framework: British universities research excellence assessment

Looking at the QS World ranking tables, it is often the case that UK universities and US top universities occupy the highest places within almost all the university ranking charts for every year.

For example, Harvard University, University of Cambridge, Oxford University, Stanford University, Princeton University and Imperial College of London top the list of best universities in the world.

Rankings By Destination

The majority of the most popular universities in the world happen to be based in English speaking countries, making them more attractive to students.

However, most of the top positions in the university league tables are occupied by higher education institutions in the study destinations outlined below:

  • Half of the best 20 universities in the world are American universities
  • Around ten Canadian Universities are in top 200 league table
  • British top universities occupy the top positions for every year
  • Australian universities do very well in global and regional rankings

Complete University Guide

Proportionately UK universities often have the lion’s share of the top universities followed by American universities reflecting their emphasis on high-quality education and research excellence.

That is followed by European universities, universities in Canada, Australian, then Universities, Irish Universities as the leaders in teaching quality, research excellence, qualified faculty, state of the art facilities and more.

The higher education assessment league tables listed below provide accurate information from highly trusted sources on various universities rankings annually and by study abroad destination:

University Ranking Advice

Taking into consideration MyLearning Education Consultant trusted expertise in university ranking, selection and admissions, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands with your best choice in university, college or English school.

Our student counselors are qualified in providing impartial university ranking advice and can guide you in the process of choosing the best university, college or English school for the course or academic major you wish to study and qualify for.

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