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Inspiring Study Abroad Destinations

Millions of international students travel to study abroad across the popular study destinations particularly USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the UAE. The reason is simple, these are the best countries to study abroad not only because they use English teach in the medium of teaching but they also have world class universities, medical schools, colleges and English language institutes that are renowned for high quality teaching and academic research excellence.

Female student at laptop surrounded by flags of best study abroad destinations

Further more they’re considered by many students to be the best places to study abroad because they have a strong higher education system, advanced teaching methodologies and rigorous assessment which better prepare graduates for the marketplace upon their graduation.


The solid qualifications attained from the top universities and medical schools are highly sought after by top employers, recruiters, major corporations, conglomerates and government organizations too. The experience of travelling abroad, discovering new cultures, the diverse student mix, diverse campus life, and being part of a multicultural university environment maximizes the learning outcome for all students.

Overseas Study Opportunities

As we have access to more than 2000 higher education institutions worldwide UniAdmission study abroad agency is able to help international students and local students find more affordable educational opportunities at top universities, colleges, medical schools and English institutes.


Study for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from one of the top universities, or take an English course at a great English school could mean a more secured future, better career opportunities, higher financial earnings, and a chance to explore the world too.


This is more the case for those students who are fortunate enough to take advantage of the overseas study opportunities offered by one of the popular destinations such as studying in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Europe, Australia or the UAE which has become much more affordable than ever before. 

Study Abroad Destinations

The opportunity to study abroad for English courses or IELTS practice is just as exciting for those who choose to study a foundation, bachelor, master, MBA or PhD particularly at universities and English language schools at any of the following and most popular study abroad destinations:








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Benefits of Studying Abroad

The multinational dynamic campus lifestyle, diverse resources, state of the art facilities, large sports venues, fun student activities, and all-inclusive modern student accommodation make studying abroad experience more thrilling and more fulfilling for all students.


Whatever course, degree, or academic major students choose to undertake, the chance to study overseas remains to be a big leap towards a much brighter future and will most certainly maximize students’ potential, career success, higher earning potential and a more secure future.


Studying at any university abroad brings along enormously positive challenges, rewards, and endless benefits too, which include extensive knowledge gain, excellent learning outcomes, international exposure, access to top employers and recruiters, who constantly seek top graduates.


On top of all of that the best reward of graduating with the best academic qualifications ever from world-class universities and medical schools that are highly respected and admired, giving you more security in life and the prestige your deserve within your society and community. This is more so if you are fortunate enough to study in one of the top study abroad destinations.

Student Visa

It goes without saying that most international students need to have a study permit of some kind depending on where they plan to travel to study. Each country has its own immigration and visa authority which put certain rules and regulations that influence the study visa process and requirements, which can be complicated to go through.


UniAdmission is the visa consultant with in-depth knowledge of the student visa regulations for all the study abroad destinations, we ensure the right visa sponsorship letters such as i20, EoC, CAS, are all in compliance with the UKVI, SEVIS or CIC. Furthermore we submit faultless visa applications and train students for their consulate interview, those steps altogether result in faster study visa approval for every student dealing with us. 

Best Study Abroad Consultant

UniAdmission tops study abroad consultants in Dubai helping international students and local students in receiving their admission at the best universities in the world, top medical schools, english language schools and processing the student visa successfully for the best countries to study abroad.


Offering students the most comprehensive package our study abroad agency is your safe guardian for all your higher education and study overseas needs and requirements. This includes support with your study abroad essay, personal statement for university, and submitting the most perfect admission application, and study visa application which leads to successful admission and faster visa approval every time.


Our work and ongoing support to international students don’t end there, as we are also happy to help you with choosing and booking your student accommodation and arranging airport transfers service to get you to your dorm safely and conveniently. Now that you’re here at, which is your first step towards successful study abroad opportunity, all you have to do is apply for admission online/